2002 -《蓝色音乐蜗》(Chrysalis)[MP3!]

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2002是Real Music旗下薄有名气的一支轻音乐乐团,由夫妻搭档Pamela(女)与Randy Copus(男)组成。 两人各擅长多种乐器,像Randy就在音乐制作中演奏钢琴、大提琴、吉他、贝斯、电子键盘等,而Pamela则会弹奏长笛、竖琴、键盘以及一种叫做WX5的“独门”管乐器,她现在还在学习一些环游世界时收集得来的异国乐器。此外他俩还担任专辑中的所有和声和演唱。多才多艺的两人配合无间,因此尽管2002这个组合始终仅有两人参与制作,却依然显得丰富多彩,不显单调。

这张专辑是2002签约Real Music后发行的第一张专辑。他们的专辑也常常从各地神话传说中取材,使其音乐更富灵性迷人的特质,尽显唯美风格。

I stumbled across this CD quite by accident in a 'Natural Wonders' store several years ago. I was intrigued by the cover art as well as the brief desrtiption of the music as "hauntingly beautiful" and bought it.

That chance encounter-which could have happened later as the genre of this music appeals to me, turned into one of those rare and great musical treasure discoveries.

Unlike some music which has to be heard repeatedy for the listener to attain common ground with the artist(s), 'Chrysalis' draws one majically from the very first playing into a mystical experience that transcends the earthly realm to a level of serenety, joy, and at times melancholy that is at its very least beautiful, and at its best a rare masterpiece.

Like all great albums, the whole is a theme of individual tracks that weave consistently from one to the next, and there are no weak songs. At the end, you wonder where the time went and are wanting for the experience to never end.

Interestingly, it was a couple of years before I searched out their other works, and found them to be equally worthy.

Following the timeline of 2002's works is like watching something very mystical, rare, and beautiful come of age. Each album has a coherent theme,(this one the metaphor of metamorphasis of caterpillar to butterfly-say that 3 times!) and usually a myth or ancient legend behind it as inspiration-which reveals that there is an intellectual depth behind the music that on the surface is quite pleasing to the unsophisticated ear, but at the same time- for the disciplined and discerning listener each time listening reveals deeper layers of elegance and beauty that is obviously the product of gift, discipline, and mostly a lot of hard work.

All great creators-whether musical, artistic, or literary- are inspired by the majestic, profound, and sometimes deeply sad mysteries of this journey we call life, and as each uses their chosen medium to fulfill their endless need to create-whether as a medium to convey their deepest feelings to others, or simply for the release of the life energy within, they leave great works that awe and inspire others long after their time on earth is done. 2002 is worthy of that billing. I highly reccomend their work.(From Amazon.com)


01. To Touch The Sky
02. Chrysalis
03. A Gift Of Life
04. Greater Than The Sum
05. Spinning The Silk
06. Journey Within
07. Dream Come True
08. Healing Rain
09. Cocoon
10. Magic Flower







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