All that Remains -《This Darkened Heart》[FLAC]

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专辑中文名This Darkened Heart

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这是死亡金属乐队All that Remains 2004年发行的一张专辑,偶听过他们今年的最新专辑后,觉得很不错,所以就一起下下来了.这张也是由Soul_Rvr911制作的,来自[MeTaLMaDNeSS.TeaM],在此向他表示感谢!以下是Amazon上的专辑英文介绍.

As most of you probably know by now, Philip Labonte was once the vocalist for Shadows Fall. He left the group (before they hit it big) to front another metal band, All that Remains. Even though this band is one of the lesser known American metalcore bands, it appears that Philip's leap of faith was well founded, and he landed on solid ground.

The popularity boom of American metalcore both helped and hurt All That Remains' chances of being known worldwide. On one hand, since this genre was more popular, a lot of metalcore bands cropped up, so there were a lot of other bands for ATR to compete with; but, conversely, if some other genre (i.e. punk) was the most popular genre, then nobody would be interested in heavier music.

Shadows Fall and All that Remains have a lot in common (Philip Labonte, hailing from Massachusetts, and being apart of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal), so it's only natural to say Philip's current band sounds a lot like his old one. And even though those two bands' overall sound is similar, there are differences. Shadows Fall's guitar solos are more scorching and all around better than what you'll find on "This Darkened Heart," but the main distinguishing factor is that All that Remains use anger a lot more. Philip's vocals here are more violent and a lot less clean sounding than Shadows Fall's current throat, Brian Fair. Philip even almost sounds like Atreyu's singer, at times. And ATR's guitarists Mike Martin and Oli Herbert help to add some innovation by playing rigid riffs throughout this album.

"And Death in My Arms" begins the album with some acoustic strumming and what sounds like a piano (!), but then abruptly changes gears and rockets into propulsive guitar riffage. Philip retches a couple of Mudvayne-esque yells, and part of this song is a bobbing beat with stop-start, machine gun riffs. Two solos are also included, but these solos are slow and not that great.
"Deepest Gray" has lurching riffs and another guitar solo (this one is longer and better; it makes a wah-wah sound in places).
"I Die in Degrees" opens with a long, screeching pick slide, then the crunchy guitars chug fast. The last two-thirds of this song is an instrumental, the guitars eventually become slower, and the mid-section is acoustic.
"Focus Shall Not Fail" has a much slower tempo. One guitarist plays a slow riff, then the other axeman comes on and, even though he plays a faster riff, the song's pace doesn't increase. A pick slide ensues and the song finally picks up and becomes its usual fast self. Philip lets loose a Lamb of God like shriek, but the singing on this track is mainly limpid (clean/melodic) backing vocals.
"Regret Not" is a good centerpiece of the album. It begins with a guitarist strumming on acoustic again, but he is joined by the second guitarist, and this part of the song briefly sounds like Opeth's "Damnation" album. There's a nice breakdown about a minute and a half into this song, when the power chords kick in and play churning, stutter-stepping riffs. But then, at around the 3:10 mark, it's back to the acoustics. (Even though I don't mind Philip's vocals), I'm glad this song is an instrumental; it make this song unique and a surprise.
The final track, "This Darkened Heart," bursts the gates open as soon as it begins, with sprinting riffs and a long, extended yell. This song has a small growl, but most of the vocals here are throaty yells. And there is also a thumping, driving, double bass.

So, Philip Labonte landed on his feet when he took the leap of faith from band to band. Shadows Fall probably make more money than he, but All That Remains show a lot of promise. Even for a relatively young band, ATR are, in my book, one of the best and most overlooked bands of the new millennium. They definitely need a lot more attention, because if you like metalcore, there's nothing to dislike on "This Darkened Heart."


1. And Death In My Arms
2. The Deepest Gray
3. Vicious Betrayal
4. I Die In Degrees
5. Focus Shall Not Fail
6. Regret Not
7. Passion
8. For Salvation
9. Tattered On My Sleeve
10. This Darkened Heart






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