《钻井日志和测井曲线》(GAEA WinLoG 4.42)英文

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英文名GAEA WinLoG 4.42

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GAEA WinLoG 4.42 (钻井日志和测井曲线):
GAEA WinLoG能够非常快速容易的创建钻井日志和测井曲线的工具。
GAEA Winfence 2.15 (彩色地质截面图工具):
GAEA WinSieve 1.14 (打印结晶粒度分析曲线):
There are many new and exciting features in version 4, below is a list of some of them:

Graphical Information System (GIS) for displaying and picking boreholes and cross-sections in WinLoG with WinFence. GIS can also display site features and import AutoCAD files. This borehole location map can also be printed and included in reports.
Several types of project reports can be generated for all data in a project. Reports include general data, lithology data, sample data, graph data, water level data, etc.
Deviated boreholes can be entered and displayed in true depth. Several methods for calculating true depth are supported. Deviation readings can be entered manually or imported from a file.
Tables (ex. Water Level Readings) can be displayed anywhere on boring logs and templates.
Templates and projects can have password locks that can be used to restrict changes to a template and access to a project.
Can import data in several formats including Excel, AGS, GTGS, LogPlot, and gINT.
Data in Excel can be imported into all the logs in a project at the same time. This can be used to import the survey data for all the boreholes from a spreadsheet.
Borehole data can now be exported to AGS and Excel.
Continuous logs are supported. These logs span several pages and do not have any page breaks.
A new column has been added to show percent splits. This is used to show the percentages of different lithologies in a layer.
Another new column has been added to show core photos at various depths.
Program can now automatically update itself to the most recent version. The program searches GAEA Technologies website for any new upgrades.
Program now has online technical support, where it can email technical support all relevant files and information if there is a problem.
Project databases can be compressed to save disk space and speed up data access.
All of the WinLoG databases are automatically backed up and can be easily restored.

WinFence can be used to graphically create detailed, full-color, cross-sections and fence diagrams quickly and easily. The program can be used to interpret and map soil and rock layers, contamination, fossils, minerals and hydrocarbons.

In version 2 there is the option to have the program automatically generate the cross-section. This is done using artificial intelligence (AI) built-into the program. When determining how to connect the strata between boreholes, wells, and intersecting cross-sections the program looks at the similarities in the lithologies, thicknesses, and occurrence of the strata. This methodology works well with most geologies; except, where the geology is very complicated or there are faults.

After the cross-section had been created it can be displayed in 3D along with other cross-sections in the project as a fence diagram. Fence diagrams are used to depict the geology and stratigraphy of the subsurface in 3 dimensions. Typically, fence diagrams show several cross-sections that may intersect as well as boreholes and wells. The 3D fence diagram display can be panned, zoomed, and rotated. The position of the user and the light source can also be easily moved.






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