《CS教程》(Lynda com Photoshop CS2 FAQs )英文

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英文名Lynda com Photoshop CS2 FAQs

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Lynda com Photoshop CS2 FAQs (CS教程)介绍:
当你在使用Photoshop过程中,你一天有多少停下来问自己有关的问题?像是“我怎么样做...”、“在哪里?”、“什么...”等等...停止气馁...看看由Peter Bauery主讲的 Photoshop CS2 FAQs 吧!


教程中每一段视频将针对一个确切的问题作出解答。例如这些问题:“怎样恢复Photoshop的优先配置参数?”、“我怎样知道在Photoshop CS2中有哪些新功能?”、“当Photoshop告诉我不能存储文件时我该怎么办?”等等。

基于视频教学为主的教程,教程为每个特定问题提供一种解决方法,你将学到如何设定一个无忧的工作环境以及如何解决常见问题,同时也可了解 Photoshop 关键概念

1. Installing
What should I do before installing Photoshop?
How can I setup my hardware for best operation?
How should I install Photoshop?
What's the best way to install third party plug-ins?

2. Preferences and Interface
What are the key preference settings?
How can I reset the preferences?
What is the History Log and how do I use it?
What would I use Percent as a unit of measure?
What are the various cursor options and how do I change between them?
How can I find the new features in Photoshop CS2?
How do I change or add a keyboard shortcut?
How do I customize menus?
Can I delete files I never use?
How can I streamline the list of color profiles?
What is the Status Bar and how can it help me?
How do I create and use Tool presets?
What is the difference between the Adobe and operating system dialog boxes?

3. Color Settings and Color Management
How can I determine which color settings to select?
When should I use sRGB as my working space?
Is Adobe RGB a better working space?
Why would I use CMYK color?
Should I color manage grayscale images?
What should I choose when I get the "Missing Profile" or "Embedded Profile Mismatch" dialog box when opening a file?
How can I make my prints match my screen?
Can I print grayscale images on my inkjet printer?
How can I create a sepia look in my images?
What is a "spot color" and when can I use one?
Can I use a spot color in an RGB image that will be printed on an inkjet?

4. Solving and Preventing Common Problems
What steps should I take when Photoshop doesn't work properly?
Why is my Photoshop "beeping" at me?
What are some of the things I can do to prevent problems?
How can I edit a Drop Shadow or other Layer Style?
What should I do if my Blending Mode effects change when flattening?
What is "noise" and how can I avoid or reduce it?
What's the best way to eliminate red eye?
What do I do when I get a "not enough memory to save the file" dialog box?
Is there an easy way to remove or reduce wrinkles?
How come I can't see the text when I type?
Can I scale a selection and keep sharp corners and angles?
How do I create a stroke with sharp corners instead of rounded corners?
How do I "undo" a Save?
How do I quickly see a "before and after" comparison?

5. Critical Photoshop Concepts
What is "resolution"?
Which file format should I use?
What are "layers" and how do they work?
How do I create transparent images?
What is the difference between "Opacity" and "Fill Opacity"?
What is the difference between "raster" and "vector"?
What are "Blending Modes" and how do I use them?
What are "Actions" and how do I use them?
How do I record a custom Action?
What is a "script" and how can I learn more about scripting?

6. Making Tough Selections
What do I use the Magic Wand for?
What is Quick Mask mode?
How can I preview the results of a "feathered" selection?
How can I make Extract work for me?
When should I use the Color Range command?
Can I use Channels to make a selection?
What if I need to save and reuse a selection?
What is "difference masking"?

7. Essential Color Correction Techniques
What is "temperature" and how do I control it?
How do I improve the contrast in my photos?
How do I eliminate a color cast or tint in an image?
What's the best way to create a grayscale version of my color image?

8. Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Bridge
What is Camera Raw and when do I need it?
What is a DNG file?
How can I turn off the Auto Adjustments and start with something closer to my needs?
How do I get my images to open in Photoshop when I double-click them in Bridge?
Why won't Photoshop or Bridge work with my Raw images?
What's the difference between Rating and Labeling images in Bridge?
how can I work with my Raw files in Bridge without opening Photoshop?
Can I open a Raw file in Photoshop without opening Camera Raw?
How do I process multiple Raw files at the same time?
How can I get Bridge to open automatically when I launch Photoshop?
Should I use a Centralized Cache file or Distributed Cache files in Bridge?
Can I create a metadata template to add copyright information to my images?
After I've processed my Raw file into Photoshop, why can't I save it as a JPEG?

9. Resizing and Resembling Images
How can I tell how large a print I can output from the file that I have open?
In the Image Size dialog box, what are Bicubic, Bicubic Sharper. and Bicubic Smoother and which one should I use?
Is there a plug-in that can enlarge images with better results than Photoshop can do on its own?

10. Tools
How do I get the Clone Stamp or Healing Brush results on a separate layer?
How do I prevent "bleed" when working with the Healing Brush?
How do I reset all of the Tool Options?
Why can't I see the Free Transform handles?
What happened to my Brush-size cursor? I only see a cross-hair.
How do I reset the Foreground and Background colors?

11. Layers
What's a Background Layer?
How do I create a new layer under the active layer instead of above?
How do I link Layers in Photoshop CS2?
What's the difference between "linking" and "grouping" layers?
What is a Smart Object?
How do I restrict an adjustment layer to one layer?
How do I restrict an adjustment layer to some, but not all, layers?
What are "clipping groups" and when do I use them?

12. Type and Text in Photoshop
How do I add text to an image?
Can I make a line of text bend or turn?
Does Photoshop support "type containers"?
Why does my font menu cut off before the last font?
How can I fill text with a picture?
Can I make a transparent copyright notice, like my stock photo company uses?
How do I make type flow along a path?
How can I make text go around an object or image?
Can I make the type on a circle upright on the top and bottom of the circle?

13. Paths and Shapes
What are "paths" and when should I use them?
How do I edit the shape of a path?
What is the difference between a shape layer and a work path?
How can I convert between selections and paths?
Is there a way to subtract from a path, like the hole in the middle of the donut?
What is a "clipping path," when do I need one, and how do I make one?

14. Other Common Questions
Why is there a number displayed in the upper-left corner of the image window?
What are the symbols after RGB/8 in the title bar of my image window?
I use a Mac - can I preview what my image would look like on a Windows computer?
What is Version Cue?
How do I restore the palettes?
Why can't I see the dialog box I am trying to use?
Can I reset a dialog box without having to cancel and reopen?
Why are some of the menu items grayed out?
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