Kathleen Ferrier 凯瑟琳·费丽尔 -《南来的风(费丽尔演唱的英国民谣)》(Blow the Wind Southerly)[APE]

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专辑英文名Blow the Wind Southerly
别名Kathleen Ferrier Edition Vol.8

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费丽尔(Kathleen Ferrier,1912~1953)英国女中音歌唱家。 生于兰开夏郡的上沃尔顿。初学钢琴,一度以电话接线员为生。二十五岁开始学唱,1943年以独唱家身份出现。1946年在格林德伯恩歌剧节上首演《罗克丽蒂亚受辱记》后曾两度赴美巡回演出。被认为是英国最卓越、完美的女中音歌唱家。因癌症早逝,终年四十一岁。

Recording Date: 1949~1951
Label: London/Decca Historic Series
Catalog No.: 433475
Spars Code: ADD Mono
Composer: Anonymous, Traditional, Hugh Robertson, Ivor Gurney, Robert Johnson
Performer: Kathleen Ferrier

The brief flame that was Ferrier has no match on any stage. Devoid of sexual appeal, she inspired fierce ardour. Utterly English in style and ethic, she captivated Bruno Walter and the Vienna Philharmonic and remains, for many, the paramount Mahler singer. Her late Brahms songs have an ethereal beauty.

A telephone operator from Blackburn, Ferrier enjoyed barely ten years of glory, from a wartime debut at a National Gallery lunchtime concert to her death of cancer in 1953, aged 41, having collapsed while singing Euridice at Covent Garden. No English contralto matched her resonance in modern times: she was the last of a line.

That was part of her allure - a nostalgia for the golden age of Victorian oratorio allied to egalitarian admiration for a girl who came from nowhere and coped heroically with adversity. But there was another aspect to Ferrier. At a time when British composers were adapting folksongs in symphonic settings, she sang the people’s music straight from the heart in a style that evoked an arcadian, pre-industrial idyll. Unaccompanied, on 10 February 1949 in Decca's West Hampstead studio she enshrined on disc our greatest fishing song and a dozen others that would never be heard again in their natural context.

——Norman Lebrecht


1. Ma Bonny Lad
2. The Keel Row
3. Blow The Wind Southerly
4. I Have A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue
5. My Boy Willie
6. I Know Where I'm Goin'
7. The Fidgety Bairn - Kathleen Ferrier/John Newmark
8. I Will Walk With My Love
9. Ca' The Yowes - Kathleen Ferrier/John Newmark
10. O Waly, Waly
11. Willow, Willow
12. The Stuttering Lovers
13. Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal
14. The Fair House Of Joy
15. The Daisies
16. Over The Mountains
17. Have You Seen The But A Whyte Lillie Grow?
18. Ye Banks And Braes
19. Drink To Me Only
20. Down By The Salley Gardens
21. The Lover's Curse






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