Raul Malo -《You're Only Lonely》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名You're Only Lonely
歌手Raul Malo

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Raul Malo曾经是当代乡村乐团The Mavericks最耀眼夺目的的主唱歌手。这个乐团在曾在第三十八届格莱美音乐奖中被评为最佳乡村组合。《You're Only Lonely》是Raul Malo的个人专辑,收录了多首他翻唱自己最喜欢的乡村歌曲,包括Bee Gees的"Run To Me," Randy Newman的"Feels Like Home," Ron Sexsmith的"Secret Heart" 和 Willie Nelson的"Angels Flying Too Close To The Ground." 专辑在今年7月25日发行。最喜欢他和Martina Mcbride合唱的那首“Feels Like Home”。浪漫 温馨的烛光之下,聆听优美动人的歌声, 让我们的思绪在那动人的歌声氛围中驻足停留...

As the frontman for the Mavericks and a member of Los Super Seven, Raul Malo has applied his Orbison-like delivery to an eclectic array of material. On this, his latest solo effort, the warbler enlists veteran producer Peter Asher to focus on romantic balladry, as string-laden arrangements surround Malo's tremulous voice on the opening title track (a '70s hit for songwriter J.D. Souther) and the soaring "Feels Like Home" (reprised as the closer in a duet with Martina McBride). The song selection highlights Malo's vocal range, as he finds the bittersweet essence in a slowed-down rendition of the Everly Brothers' "So Sad," a dramatic reading of the Bee Gees' "Run to Me," and a lilting take on Ron Sexsmith's "Secret Heart." He even tackles Etta James's signature tune, "At Last," its jazzy, smoky sophistication punctuated by a trumpet solo. The cover of Willie Nelson's "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground" provides the album's main link to country, but even here the bedrock organ and soul choir sound closer to the church than the roadhouse. The stellar selection provides a superb showcase for Malo's shimmering voice. --Don McLeese

Former Mavericks frontman Raul Malo is ready to release his interpretations of some of his favourite songs on a new solo album titled You're Only Lonely. The new album, out July 25 via Sanctuary Records, was produced by Peter Asher (James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Billy Joel). It includes the Bee Gees' "Run To Me," Randy Newman's "Feels Like Home," Ron Sexsmith's "Secret Heart" and Willie
Nelson's "Angels Flying Too Close To The Ground." It also features one Malo original, "For You." You're Only Lonely is Malo's second solo record, following 2001's Today.

The Mavericks, a long-awaited reunion album from Malo's former band, came out in 2003. The Mavericks had an impressive 10-year run as a group, earning Grammy, CMA and ACM awards. They disbanded in 1999 after releasing greatest hits collection.

Malo will spend this summer touring across the U.S. with a simple piano-bass-drums trio. Shows will parade selections from the new album, acoustic renditions of Mavericks hits, and likely more covers not found on You're Only Lonely.


1. You're Only Lonely
2. Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground
3. Feels Like Home
4. So Sad
5. At Last
6. Games That Lovers Play
7. For You
8. Secret Heart
9. Run to Me
10. Tomorrow Night
11. Remember
12. Feels Like Home - Raul Malo, Martina McBride







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