Eternal Tears of Sorrow -《Before the Bleeding Sun》[APE]

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专辑中文名Before the Bleeding Sun

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芬兰大牌旋死乐队,介绍就不多说了。个人早前听过MP3,对ETOS这张新的感觉不大。并不是喜欢这张专辑,而是太喜欢之前的那张《A Virgin And A Whore》。至于其它人喜不喜欢就看他们自己了。中文的碟评网上很容易找到,就转贴国外的,让大家了解多点。希望大家喜欢!


English Review:

A True Comeback CD - 95%
Written by BlindedByFear on May 21st, 2006

Alright, this is my first review so bear with me. With the return of Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Before the Bleeding Sun is born. I, like most people probably have been waiting for this album since the reunion was announced in January of 2005. When I first heard this CD, I was not disappointed, and you won抰 be either. The guest vocals on this album add a lot to the CD, and flow well with the songs.

Sweet Lilith of My Dreams starts with a slow intro. After the intro, the keyboard blasts in with an amazing riff that sticks with the song. Towards the middle of the song there is another slower part that leads into the solo. The solo has a mix of fast and melodic parts that really add to the solo.

Another Me is probably one of my favorite tracks off this album. Starting with a guitar riff backed by some keyboards, you can already tell this is going to be a heavy song. The verse is goes on with a slight vocal change that is a little deeper than what we usually hear. The chorus is melodic and still fast paced. The solo, starts off slow picks up, not a truly amazing solo, but still very good.

Red Dawn Rising starts off the songs with the guest vocals. Another slow intro that eventually picks up. The verse is slower and has clean vocals. When the harsh vocals kick in, the song picks up some and then leads into the chorus which has a mix of the clean and harsh vocals. The solo comes and again is a mix of fast and melodic parts. The keyboard solo comes in and is a great addition to the song.

Upon the Moors starts slow and then picks up. Before the verse starts a guitar solo kicks in. Around the middle, the song slows and there are some clean vocals, the guitar kicks in with a good riff then enters the solo, which again is good, but not the greatest.

Sakura No Rei is a slow song throughout, and the shortest song on the album. The guitar and keyboard solos are slow and melodic this time around, no really fast parts. The end of this song leads into the next song Sinister Rain.

Sinister Rain starts with a slow drum beat and is followed by some clean singing. Most of the song is slower with a few faster parts that then go into the slower parts again. Nothing truly amazing about the solo in this song.

Lost Rune of Thunder starts with a good guitar riff, not to fast, but not to slow either. The riff from the beginning is seen throughout the song, and in the chorus. The keyboard solo is a little hard to hear and for the most part is slower. The guitar solo is another mix of fast parts and melodic parts. I抎 say a better solo than some of the others on the CD.

Tar Still Flows is probably another one of my favorites on the CD. Another faster song, it starts with a keyboard riff where the guitars eventually come in. After the first verse, there is a guitar solo, a pretty good solo. Towards the center of the song there is a slower part like in other songs on this CD. Another guitar solo kicks in afterwards.

Angelheart, Ravenheart is the longest song on the CD and another slower song. It almost sounds like there are two different songs put into one here. There are different kinds of vocals on this song, and many different guest vocalists make an appearance. The first guitar solo is slow and melodic. Halfway through, it gets slower and then picks up to a more moderate pace. A faster guitar solo here and back into a faster verse with the harsh vocals. A keyboard solo is played, and again is somewhat hard to hear completely. A great melody is played first on keyboard and then on guitar also.

Before the Bleeding Sun is a must have for all Eternal Tears of Sorrow fans and for all other metal fans. A great comeback album that will hopefully lead to more great CDs by this band.


1. Sweet Lilith of My Dreams
2. Another Me
3. Red Dawn Rising
4. Upon the Moors
5. Sakura No Rei
6. Sinister Rain
7. Lost Rune of Thunder
8. Tar Still Flows
9. Angelheart, Ravenheart (Act I: Before the Bleeding Sun)






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