Cellador -《Enter Deception》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Enter Deception

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Cellador一支优秀的thrash metal,Power Metal乐队,乐队于2006年发行了《Enter Deception》专辑,乐队成员Michael Gremio - Lead Vocals,Chris Petersen - Lead & Rythm Guitar,David Dahir – Drums,Valentin Rakhmanov - Bass Guitar,Bill Hudson - Lead Guitar & Keys,由于本人不是很喜欢这类风格,就不做过多的介绍了,希望喜欢金属的朋友自己去感受乐队中的各种元素吧,望广大金属爱好者能够喜欢,感谢大家的分享~!本专辑由我和果果共同发布~!

Formed in the summer of 2004 by guitarist Chris Petersen, CELLADOR is an extreme power metal band from Omaha, NE, whose members’ ages range from a mere 17 to 23 years old. CELLADOR was founded with the intent of introducing aggressive European influenced melodic speed/power metal to the Midwest USA, where the style is relatively nonexistent. CELLADOR spent the fall and winter months of 2004 writing, rehearsing and, by March 2005, began playing live. By May of 2005 Cellador had released the demo Leaving All Behind. An opening slot in their home-town for Metal Blade act The Black Dahlia Murder would present the guys in Cellador with their first significant break. Trevor Strnad, vocalist for THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and all around underground metal expert, passed Cellador’s demo on to Metal Blade Records owner Brain Slagel. Impressed by their skill and musicianship, Brian Slagel offered the band a contract making them Metal Blade Records’ first US based power metal signings in years.

While most power metal outfits, being of European decent, cull their lyrics from tales of knights, wizardry and epic battles, Cellador takes a more straight forward approach. Lead vocalist Gremio’s lyrics reflect on personal issues and effects of current world events on our daily lives. Guitarists Chris Petersen and Bill Hudson, who relocated to Nebraska from Brazil to join the band, combine the primal force of power metal and sweeping guitar harmonies with musical proficiency much greater than their age. As a result, Cellador --rounded out by bassist Valentin Rakhmanov, originally from Russia and drummer David Dahir--have created an album that reflects the bands drive to create a truly epic album which is sure to become an essential release in the New American Power Metal move. Enter Deception unabashedly showcases Cellador’s skill for composing enduring, provocative heavy metal anthems that fist pumping metal fans young and old will truly appreciate.

Having already played with The Black Dahlia Murder, Kreator, Vader, Behemoth, Fear Before the March of Flames, Paria, and Sonata Arctica, Cellador has shown that they can deliver the goods to the death metal and hardcore communities without sacrificing their full-blooded power metal majesty. Already locked down with a spot on the coveted New England Metal & Hardcore Festival in Massachusetts, Cellador will tour the US and Europe throughout 2006 and 2007.

Prepare yourself for a spellbinding, invigorating ride on June 27th when Cellador and Metal Blade Records release the debut album Enter Deception. An album filled with triumphant and undeniably memorable songs taking you on a magnetic musical journey that will not soon be forgotten.


01. Leaving All Behind
02. A Sign Far Beyond
03. Never Again
04. Forever Unbound
05. Seen Through Time
06. Wakening
07. Releasing The Shadow
08. No Chances Lost







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