《Macromedia Flash 8 圣经 电子书》(Wiley Macromedia Flash 8 Bible Feb 2006 eBook)英文

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中文名Macromedia Flash 8 圣经 电子书
英文名Wiley Macromedia Flash 8 Bible Feb 2006 eBook

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《Macromedia Flash 8 圣经》 电子书:
Wiley Macromedia Flash 8 Bible Feb 2006 eBook

类型: 电子书
书名:Macromedia Flash 8 圣经
简介: 一本由业界最顶级的两位大师编写的介绍最新版本Macromedia Flash的手册

Book Description
Written by two of the industry’s top Flash experts, this new edition of the best-selling classic has been revised and enhanced to cover the very latest release of Macromedia Flash. User-friendly, yet in-depth this is the book that serves as an indispensable reference for anyone -- from the web novice to the accomplished web worker -- and functions as the perfect, real-world guide to the workings and capabilities of this powerful program. The accompanying CD-ROM includes trial software, custom components and finished examples.

Totally enhanced and revised edition of the all-time Flash classic reference!
Everything you need to know to learn and master the Macromedia Flash 8 -- the most comprehensive Flash reference available
Includes a CD-ROM packed with files from the book and valuable tryouts.
Co-author Robert Reinhardt is one of the two or three top stars in the Flash developer community, speaking regularly at FlashForward, the Macromedia User's Conference, WebTEK, Macromedia's traveling user seminars, and major universities. No other title matches this one in both comprehensiveness and author reputation.
Includes expert tutorials from the world's leading Flash gurus
Includes tips for integrating Flash with other programs
Includes unpublished tricks, techniques and time-savers
"When I'm planning the FlashBelt conference, Reinhardt is the first one I call. His knowledge reaches to the farthest corners of the software."

-Dave Schroeder, Director, FlashBelt conferences; Owner, PilotVibe Music and Sound Design

"Its range and depth make the Flash Bible a must-have for designers, developers and producers of Flash content." -- Matthew Carroll, designer, Wieden + Kennedy

From the Back Cover
"When I'm planning the FlashBelt conference, Reinhardt is the first one I call. His knowledge reaches to the farthest corners of the software."
—Dave Schroeder, Director, FlashBelt conferences; Owner, PilotVibe Music and Sound Design

If Macromedia Flash 8 can do it, you can do it too ...

Squeeze every last ounce of power from the very latest edition of Macromedia Flash with this enhanced and revised edition of the bestseller. Written by two Flash experts, this user-friendly, in-depth guide is packed with tips, expert tutorials, and hidden tricks you won't find elsewhere. Create graphics that jump off the page and make your content richly interactive. Animate, script, manipulate data, send customer data to a server, create robust apps — Flash 8 does it all. Now you can too, with this Flash reference at your side.

Inside, you'll find complete coverage of Macromedia Flash 8

Transform your Movie clips with new blend modes, filters, and gradients
Scale your artwork to perfection with a new nine-slice scaler
Get better looking text with crystal-clear FlashType font renderer
Create characters with lip-synching, walk cycles, and atmosphere
Understand the nuts and bolts of ActionScript code
Integrate and control video directly in Flash
Attach and bind data to components for a dynamic Web site
Work with Dreamweaver®, Fireworks®, ColdFusion®, Director®, and more
Create a game in a Flash and win
Make Flash movies for mobile devices

推荐:《Flash8 ActionScript基础》 电子书
程序语言: 英文
分类: Ebook
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《Flash8 ActionScript基础》 电子书:
FriendsofED Foundation ActionScript for Flash 8 Apr 2006 eBook

书名:Flash8 ActionScript基础

Book Description
ActionScript is the native scripting language of Flash. ActionScript knowledge is essential within the world of Flash design and development, as Flash remains a leading tool for cutting-edge interactive design and development.

ActionScript is what gives Flash its power, but with that power comes a certain level of complexity, which can be intimidating. This beginners book, significantly updated since the last edition, covers all of the basics of ActionScript using the latest version of Flash, Flash 8. The skills acquired by working through this book will enable you to move on to more advanced friends of ED books such as Foundation PHP 5 for Flash, Foundation ActionScript Animation or Foundation XML for Flash.

This book contains all you need to understand and make use of ActionScript, and to have some fun while learning. The Foundation series teaching style is ideal if you're a non-programmer who wants to learn Flash programming quickly and thoroughly. The authors teach the basics, and provide you an all-around proficiency in ActionScript, as well as Flash components within Flash 8. You'll gain the practical skills to build ActionScript based Flash projects, including making initial design decisions, structuring code, and testing. An ongoing case study means that by the end of the book, you'll have constructed a cutting-edge Flash site to showcase your newly learned skills.
Summary of Contents:
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Chapter 1 Interactive Flash

Chapter 2 Making Plans

Chapter 3 Movies That Remember

Chapter 4 Movies That Decide for Themselves

Chapter 5 More Power, Less Script

Chapter 6 Movies That Remember How to Do Things

Chapter 7 Objects and Classes

Chapter 8 Objects on the Stage

Chapter 9 Reusable Code and Realistic Movement

Chapter 10 Games and Sprites

Chapter 11 Drawing API

Chapter 12 Adding Sound to Flash

Chapter 13 Loading Dynamic Data with XML

Chapter 14 Finishing the Futuremedia Case Study

Chapter 15 Advanced ActionScript: Components and Classes

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