Mychael Danna -《八毫米》(8MM)[MP3]

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别名Eight Millimeter
艺术家Mychael Danna

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  你相信一卷看似无奇的八毫米影片,却是让你卷入罪恶深渊的媒介吗?汤姆·威勒 (Nicolas Cage) 是个传奇性的监视专家,他住在宾州,有个心爱的老婆和宝贝女儿。平日以接一些无危险性的外遇案件维生,但是他心中很渴望遇上一个能证明他专业能力的契机。直到一天,一卷看似安全又小巧的八毫米影带将他正常的生活完全给颠覆到社会的黑暗面中,并一步步诱引他陷入一场比一场更险恶的危机中。不管走到哪里,他都无法将影片上那个怪异又生动的陌生女孩形象给忘记,于是陷入良心不安的情境中。直到一个成人书店的店员麦克斯激发了他放弃家人而前往调查真相的勇气。汤姆·威勒将会发现一卷小小的八毫米影片,竟是他所无法想像的致命梦魇……

Album Title: 8MM
Composer: Mychael Danna
Conductor: Nicholas Dodd
Manufacturer: Chapter III Records

Year Released: 1999
Film Represented: 8MM (1999)

Top Soundtracks of 1999

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Best of 1999: Best Soundtrack


by Dan Goldwasser

8MM is a dark film about a private investigator (Nicholas Cage) who is hired to find out whether an 8mm film showing a brutal murder is real, or an elaborate fabrication. His search takes him into the seedy back-ally world of S&M porn and allows him to confront some truly disturbed people. Written by Andrew Kevin Walker (Seven) and directed by Joel Schumacher (Falling Down), the film has a low-saturation look, a gritty feel, and some very unique music by Mychael Danna (The Sweet Hereafter, The Ice Storm).

Danna's score takes a very unique approach to the material on the screen. I can't seem to figure out why, but this is a score with a huge Moroccan influence. Utilizing the traditional woodwind instruments of the area, and a lot of vocal talent, this score feels unlike anything one would expect for a dark movie like 8MM. Interestingly enough, however, it works amazingly well in the film. The use of traditional-sounding themes combined with occasional synth elements, and plenty of atmosphere culminate in a very unique audio experience. This score works well on its own, as well as in the film (a double bonus)!

The first track ("The Projector") has some background hisses and pops, which creates the effect of a film projector running in the background as the main theme plays out. Track 8 ("Hollywood") stands out as a prime example of this Moroccan flare. The dissonance in the woodwinds and the vocal "shouting" almost places one in the midst of a bazaar. Track 18 ("Rainstorm") underscores the climactic fight at the end of the film - the percussion and slowly building thematic loop engrosses the listener and heightens the tension in the scene.

The score to 8MM runs almost 50 minutes long, and is an engrossing and unique score to listen to. Compass III Records, who released the album, is certainly on a winning streak of quality releases, with The Avengers and A Simple Plan already under their belt. With the expectation of an expanded Tomorrow Never Dies later this year, there will be great things to come from this fledgling record label.


1. The Projector
2. The House
3. The Call
4. The Film
5. Cindy
6. Missing Persons
7. What Would You Choose
8. Hollywood
9. Unsee
10. Dance With The Devil
11. The Third Man
12. Loft
13. No Answer
14. I Know All About...
15. 366 Hoyt Ave.
16. Scene Of The Crime
17. Machine
18. Rainstorm
19. Home
20. Dear Mr. Wells







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