《Photoshop CS2新功能教程》(How to Wow - Best of Photoshop CS2)[ISO]

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中文名Photoshop CS2新功能教程
英文名How to Wow - Best of Photoshop CS2

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How to Wow - Best of Photoshop CS2

由Jack Davis指导,学习Photoshop CS2的最新功能。Jack Davis将展示新的Adobe Bridge,以及Camera Raw 3, Noise Reduction, Lens Correction Filter, Smart Sharpen, Smart Collage, High Dynamic Range (HDR), Red-Eye Correction, Image Warp and Vanishing Point等具体功能和操作。

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Session 01 : Photoshop CS2 Interface
An overview of everything from the new Bridge, to selecting in the updated Layers Palette, Color Coded Menus and the new Fonts Menu, to Smart Guides, Smart Objects, Image Warp, and beyond.

Session 02 : Adobe Bridge
A thousand-and-one hidden things that you can do in the new Adobe Bridge; including Batch format conversions, scaling and Camera Raw adjusting, saving Search Collections, Keywording, Copyrighting, Renaming and Ranking multiple images at once.

Session 03 : Camera Raw 3
If there's one area of Photoshop CS2 that's been supercharged in the most mind-bendingly practical and elegant way, it's the new Camera Raw. Learn how to automatically adjust not only one image, but thousands at a time - including Cropping, and Curves Adjustments, Ranking and Renaming, and outputting to different file formats - all without ever opening Photoshop.

Session 04 : Lens Correction Filter
See how to use the new all-in-one filter that lets you perform not only Perspective corrections, but also fix Rotation, remove pincushion Distortion, Vignetting and Chromatic Aberrations.

Session 05 : High Dynamic Range (HDR)
The new Merge to HDR feature in Photoshop promises to dramatically extend the dynamic tonal range of what a photograph can potentially contain - if only you could understand how it works. In this session Davis will demystify and streamline the process of creating the one ultimate photographs from many variations.

Session 06 : Red Eye Correction
It doesn't get more simple than this, especially with insights from Jack - the new Red Eye tool.

Session 07 : Smart Sharpen
Learn secrets to scaling you photographs up or down, and when and how to use the new Smart Sharpen, the still essential Unsharp Mask, and even the incredible (but often misunderstood) High Pass filter.

Session 08 : Noise Reduction
How to get the most out of the great new Reduce Noise filter - and why sometimes you may want to fall back on the provided Wow Color & Luminosity Noise Removal Action.

Session 09 : Smart Collage
Starting with a blank canvas, this session walks you through not only the basics of creating multi-layered template-based collages in Photoshop, but also how to take advantage of the wonderfully flexible characteristics of the new Smart Objects and Image Warp features to be able to produce elaborate variations on your creations almost instantly.

Session 10 : Image Warp
This project covers not only the basics of how the new Image Warp feature works, but how to combine it with the power of Smart Objects and Custom Shapes to be able to take any image - a pixel-based photographs or a vector-based illustration - and wrap it onto any other image (while still maintaining the ability to edit the image being warped - even in another application like Adobe Illustrator).

Session 11 : Vanishing Point
The sexy poster child of Photoshop CS2 - Vanishing Point, allows you to not only retouch OUT undesirerabiles in perspective, but also to retouch IN new material (whether other photos, type or illustrations) into the correct perspective of any existing scene.


Session 12 : Paths to Great Photos - Bridge
A foundational introduction to the Bridge for those new (or not so new in dog years!) to Photoshop.

Session 13 : Paths to Great Photos - Optimizing
An overview of Layering, Adjusting and Enhancing concepts of Photoshop - including using Lens Correction, Shadow Highlight, Adjustment Layers, Scaling and Smart Sharpen.

Session 14 : Paths to Great Photos - Camera Raw
An introduction to the tremendous capabilities of the new Camera Raw - including adjusting, optimizing, cropping and batch processing multiple images at once.

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