Celine Dion -《璀璨永恒》(On Ne Change Pas)原版双CD[APE]

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专辑英文名On Ne Change Pas
歌手Celine Dion

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Most Celine Dion fans are familiar with the English-language work of the Quebec-born singer. After all, this is a chart-topping artist who is renowned for her soaring power ballads and can command an impressive Las Vegas performance run. Many listeners, however, are not aware of the French-language aspect of Dion's career, when, in fact, the emotive vocalist has recorded numerous albums in her native tongue. ON NE CHANGE PAS, a two-disc 2005 retrospective of Dion's recordings in French, aims to give this material wider exposure, succeeding with a well-selected 36-track set. The collection begins with two new songs--the gentle "Je Ne Vous Oublie Pas" and the dramatic "Tous Les Secrets"--before revisiting many of Dion's past French-language hits. ON NE CHANGE PAS also includes a collaboration with the pop/opera group Il Divo, "I Believe in You," which is primarily sung in French, despite its English title. For those interested in the Gallic side of Dion's bilingual career, this compilation is the perfect place to begin.

Celine Dion's ascent from stardom in her native Canada to the upper echelons of international pop divadom is one of the 1990s major success stories. Blessed with a formidable set of pipes and a preference for heart-in-the-throat ballads, the precociously talented Dion initially won over American listeners in 1991, 10 years after her French-language debut, with the title track from Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. From then on, Dion became a music-biz phenomenon, with platinum record sales, sold-out concerts, and across-the-board appeal rivaling her idol, Barbra Streisand.

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CD 1
01. Je ne vous oublie pas (Inedit)
02. Tous Les secrets(Inedit)
03. Pour que tu m'aimes encore
04. S'il suffisait d'aimer
05. Sous le vent(en duo avec Garou)
06. Tout l'or des hommes
07. Je sais pas
08. On ne change pas
09. Dans un autre monde
10. Ziggy(Un garcon pas comme les autres)
11. L'amour existe encore
12. J'irai ou tu iras(en duo avec jean jacques Goldman)
13. Et je t'aime encore
14. Vole
15. Je lui Dirai
16. Quand on n'a que l'amour
17. I belive in you(en duo avec Ⅱ Divo)(Bonus Track)

CD 2
01. Le ballet
02. Contre nature
03. Je danse dans ma tete
04. Le blues du businessman
05. Le loup,la biche et le chevalier(Une chanson douce)
06. D'amour ou d'amitie
07. Mon ami m'a quittee
08. Les chemins de ma maison
09. Ne partez pas sans moi(Grand prix de l'Eurovision 1988)
10. Je ne veux pas
11. Zora sourit
12. Destin
13. Tellement j'ai d'amour pour toi
14. Ma nouvelle France(Inedit)
15. Les derniers seront les premiers(en duo avec j-j. Goldman)
16. Ce n'etait qu'un rece






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