Mobb Deep -《Amerikaz Nightmare》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Amerikaz Nightmare
歌手Mobb Deep

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Mobb Deep是由来自纽约的两位天才绕舌手Havoc和Prodigy于1992年组建的以硬核说唱为主的绕舌二人组.两人在上高中时相识,1992年组队投身于绕舌事业,次年首张专辑Juvenile Hell发行,内容主要表现了贫穷,毒品交易以及帮派暴力,他们通过绕舌这一形式来表达了他们对这些事情的看法。这张专辑对当时的东海岸说唱乐产生了一些冲击,更让大家很惊奇的是,这张专辑的创作者竟然是两位未成年人。尽管这张专辑没有受到很大关注,但是仍然展示了两位少年绕舌手的实力。后又发了这张AMERIKZ NIGHTMIRE 饶舌功力依然犀利,还邀请到LIL JON等强人。。。

"Hustle for so long my hands numb/But then I feel that paper hit my palm." True that, for the Mobb are back, lyrically driven and struggling to get back where they belong. If you could jump back in time to before the millennium flipped, when The Infamous was the platter that mattered, you'd swear Mobb Deep were going to last forever. Things haven't been well for the Mobb since the calendar turned 2000, but with Amerikaz Nightmare, things are getting better. Old-school and skeletal raw like G-Unit never happened, Amerikaz Nightmare is a dark album, one you wouldn't want to meet in an alley and one that can make Thomas Dolby sound sinister. Producer Alchemist lifts a bit of "She Blinded Me With Science" for "Got It Twisted," an oddball and trudging return single for the duo. The Twista remix adds nothing but Twista, and if radio can't handle the track's grit, two much better choices are made available. Lil Jon thugs up "Real Gangstaz" like he's never heard of Usher, and Kanye West runs his usual tricks through a brittle filter, making the violins scratchier for the tough "Throw Your Hands (In the Air)." Prodigy's lyrical skills are always an asset, but he's overshadowed by Havoc, who not only shines on the mic but also keeps growing as a producer. The CD-stuck, clicking beats on "Flood the Block," the jittery touches he lays on "Shorty Wop," the bit of the Eight Minutes' obscure chestnut "Time for a Change" he lifts for "Neva Change" are all smart touches Havoc graces the album with, evening out the Mobb's stern, direct, and dark lyrics with some striking showiness. They've sounded stuck and overconfident before, but this old-school-styled, true hip-hop album finds the Mobb hungry again. [Amerikaz Nightmare was also made available in a clean version, with all explicit material removed.] ~ David Jeffries, All Music Guide


1 Amerikaz Nightmare (4:57)
2 Win or Lose (3:12)
3 Flood the Block (2:56)
4 Dump (3:17)
5 Got It Twisted (3:41)
6 When U Hear The (2:53)
7 Real N****Z (4:39)
8 Shorty Wop (3:33)
9 Real Gangstaz (4:08)
10 One of Ours, Pt. 2 (4:21)
11 On the Run (3:46)
12 Throw Your Hands (In the Air) (3:57)
13 Get Me (4:31)
14 We Up (2:58)
15 Neva Change (3:55)
16 Got It Twisted (Remix)






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