Lust of Decay -《Purity Through Dismemberment》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Purity Through Dismemberment
歌手Lust of Decay

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来自美国的死金乐队Lust of Decay,于2006年发行了第三张专辑《Purity Through Dismemberment》.专辑中仍然充斥着兽欲和病态,那种死金的亢奋仍然主导着整张专辑,专辑就不做过多的介绍,死金也没有什么过多的介绍,无非是一些关于淫秽,病态,肢解,暴虐的介绍,主要还是扭曲思想方面的,所以就不做过多的介绍了,望大家谅解~!本张专辑由我和苹果和核共同发布~!献给所有死金爱好者~!

NC's Lust of Decay return mightily with the 9 song PURITY THROUGH DISMEMBERMENT. By all indications, these gargantuans are Comatose's flagship band. You know what I'm saying right? They are what Shane Douglas was to ECW, they are "The Franchise". Men in tights sweating all over one another not withstanding, let's get to this pus-filled bag of technical death metal mucus shall we?

Lust of Decay are an underground band for underground fans in the fact that their songs are often gorey lyrically and gaggingly titled. Try as they might, these sickos just can't resist the call of all things indecent and obscene as we're treated to "Licking Bacterial Ecstasy" and "Ejaculating Extermination". That's the one thing that hasn't changed, their ability to pen such sickening song titles and lyrics yet making them enjoyable, even hooky. If you are of the weak stomached variety, they are gonna make you spew harder than Linda Blair.

If you are a person who enjoys semi-guttural growling and riffage ala Cannibal Corpse, Deeds of Flesh and Skinless, then you're gonna be smiling wider than Jani Lane in the "Cherry Pie" video. There's no middle ground with Lust of Decay, either you love them or you hate them. My only complaint with this release is that for a death metal record, it's a bit short. Maybe they wanted it that way though, you know? What better way to effect the listener than with tight, syncopated meathookery that gets in and outta your skull before you have a chance to wonder what just happened? The intent, it would seem, is to kill at will without blinking an eye.

If one thing could be said negatively for Lust of Decay on PURITY THROUGH DISMEMBERMENT is that a few of the tunes sound a tad interchangeable, and they'd do well to vary up the arrangements a bit aside from a blast beat here, a blast beat there. However, I've heard far worse in the DM underground, and L.O.D.(Ohhhhhhh What A Rush!) are surely a top contender amongst the likes of Malignancy, Vore and Vile. Revel in their muck and myre kids....


01. Exchanging Perversities
02. Scarification
03. Intolerable Cruelty
04. Licking Bacterial Ecstasy
05. When Anesthesia Fails
06. Embryonic Breeding For Canniba
07. Raging Swarm
08. Ejaculation Extermination
09. Purity Through Dismemberment







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