《3ds Max 8.0角色动画制作插件CAT 2.4 新增官方视频教学》(Character Animation Toolkit 2.4)破解版

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    制作发行Character Animation Technologies Ltd.
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中文名3ds Max 8.0角色动画制作插件CAT 2.4 新增官方视频教学
英文名Character Animation Toolkit 2.4
别名CAT 2.4
制作发行Character Animation Technologies Ltd.

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[已通过安全检测] NOD32,病毒库版本:1.1589 病毒库日期:2006.06.09
[已通过兼容性测试] Windows XP SP2
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lol: 3dsmax的角色动画插件CAT。这是最新的版本2.4 for 3ds Max 8.0。



CAT2.4 Changes


When the Max scene was ‘newed’, or Max was exited with a CATMotion scene, sometime you would see a crash. This has been fixed.
Some 1.4 CAT files were crashing on load; now these files load correctly.
When browsing for files, CAT would default to the wrong folder, often always defaulting to the CAT folder instead of the correct folder. This has been fixed.
CAT now detects being exported (FBX, Collada, etc), and configures itself so that the export is more likely to be successful.
The BIP file importer now gives the user the option to resize the BIP file to fit the CATRig.

All CAT bones can now create extra layer controllers that can be used on Custom Attributes, or Max parameters. These extra controllers will maintain setup values, and manage adding, removing and manipulations of layers.
A bug was fixed in the collarbone where it was not possible to collapse the stack using the modifier panel collapse.
Rig presets could not be loaded using script. This has been fixed.
CATParents created using script did not have a mesh. This has been fixed.
The GetBoneAddress method would not return the 1st bone in a limb.
A problem has been solved where if IKTargets were hidden, then the IK system would not evaluate the IKTargets position.
Loading pre-CAT2 rigs has been improved with swivel angles being loaded more accurately.

New script functionality has been added that enables artist to create custom float animation controllers for use on parameters such as Custom Attributes and any Max animatable parameters.
Layer Transforms now display ghosts of the animation layer.
Ghost Transforms are now always created directly below the character if it is using that layer.
Onion skins can now be turned on for any CATBone. The difference between CAT onion skinning and the default, is that the CAT onion skinning can be left on for non-selected objects. It is more useful than simply trajectories because it illustrates rotational and translational velocities.
We now have a "Remove Displacement" setting available on Absolute Layer Transform Nodes.
On characters with many layers a scrubbing could be slowed down. Now it is always smooth.
Soloing of layers is now undoable.
Linking a transform node to another object would cause the transform node to jump. This has been fixed.
If the time-warp is a keyframe controller, but contains no keyframes are found, then time warp is applied. This solves the problem, of users selecting all keys on the timeline and pressing delete, thereby deleting all time-warp curve keys, and thereby destroying the layer’s playback.
The Pivot controller is now on the arm’s IK Targets.
The LinkConstraint could cause crashes or severe slowdown in some cases. This has now been fixed.
Often after using any of the graph editors like the ‘Globals’ Window, or Layer Ranges Editor, Max would crash if any of the Track Views were 'Deleted' from the Track Views menu.
The weights controllers were returning key frames for all layers regardless of the settings on the CATParent for Layer Display. Now they follow the same rules as all layer controllers.
Collapsing to a Relative World later now works correctly. It now correctly subtracts the effect of previous layers, and stores the delta in the Relative World Layer as you would expect.

Curl Weight on digit rollout in the Modifier panel has been removed. The "Curl Weight' value on the Digit bone rollout is used instead.
CATMotion layer’s script functionality was not working correctly. This has been fixed.
Editing the range bar for a CATMotion layer in the 'Ranges View' would cause Max to lock up. This has now been fixed.
Loading 1.4 CATMotion files has been improved, with upgrading the knee angle graph more correctly
Clips And Poses

Customised inheritance flags on PRS controllers now reload correctly.
When pe-CAT2 clip files were loaded an internal flag was not being correctly set meaning that soloed layers would not behave correctly.
Extra bones on limbs now reload correctly.
The Clip Saver now supports saving and loading of the Link Constraint.
The Clip saver can now save and load CATMotion layers. This gives the benefit of a non-name dependant file format for the CATMotion layers.
Manual Ranges and ORT settings are now being saved properly from the LayerInfo controller.
When inheritance flags have been customised, and a clip has been saved and reloaded, the clip now reloads correctly.
Mocap Import

The AutoMap feature in the Capture Animation system would map the upper arm of a CS Biped incorrectly resulting in a 180 degree offset rotation. This is now fixed.
License Manager

The License Manager now supports offline authorisation and de-authorisation. All license management can now be performed from the License Manager.







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