《TVPaint Animation 8.0 2D动画师》(TVPaint Animation 8.0 )英文

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中文名TVPaint Animation 8.0 2D动画师
英文名TVPaint Animation 8.0
别名TVPaint Animation 8.0 2D动画师

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软件分类: 国外软件 / 零售版 / 动画制作
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[已通过安装测试]WinXP+SP2和WIN2003专业版 WIN98
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TVPaint Animation 8.0 (2D动画师)介绍:
TVPaint Animation 是一款为图形创作家以及2D动画师量身定做的软件。对于绘画以及动画的发烧友而言,本软件的位图方式能满足其所有的方式。


New Mac Intel full support !
TVPaint Animation is the first product of our technology to be 100% compatible with the new generation of MacIntel computers (including Wacom tablets).

Project Templates
You can now handle, load and save project templates defining your projects structure using some of their characteristics such as the resolution, framerate, ratio, number, type, duration , position and lock, color and the opacity of the layers. It will save you a lot of time !

Layer Shaker
When animating very complex sequence, the artist need a tool which allow them to spot quickly and easily the layer they want to work on. That's why TVPaint Animation allows to visualize the current layer by pressing a single key that will shake the layer for instant visibility.

New scan abilities
Users will have now the choice when scanning : Create New Project, Create New Layer and Append to current layer ! No time wasted to handle scanned images and to place them in the good layer, all is done automatically by a single click !
Mac users will also now enjoy the support of Twain scanners !

New Effects
Not only TVPaint Animation include new possibilities which simplify the use of the effects, like the previewed effects when playing your animation or the effects attached to their project, but it also includes some amazing new effects :

Multiplane Camera FX
The most powerful of them is probably the Multiplane Camera FX which will allow you to create some complex parallax animations that were so difficult to produce in the past... Now you can define the position of the camera and of each plans using the Multiview mode ! Set the depth of focus, set the plans to move as you want and look ! Things will never be the same after that !







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