Black Messiah -《Oath of A Warrior》[APE]

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专辑中文名Oath of A Warrior
歌手Black Messiah

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Black Messiah是一支来自德国的交响黑金属乐队。交响乐是欧洲人的强项,而他们的金属乐队也更喜欢把交响乐融入金属乐里面。专辑里面甚至来会有小提琴的独奏(忘了是这张还是98那张了)。对于喜欢Melodic Metal的朋友来说BM还是值得推荐的。希望大家喜欢。

English Review:

What is happening here? I remembered BLACK MESSIAH as pretty ok melodic Black Metal band, I have their 98 debut 'Sceptre Of Black Knowledge' somewhere, but what the guys unleash here on 'Oath Of A Warrior', seven years later, still bears some resemblance, but this is Viking Metal and after EQUILIBRIUM the best that I have ever heard coming out of Germany!

The guys also have done this change visually, with a strong new logo, Viking-ish clothing, partly German lyrics and new label, what we have here is a pretty complete style change, which does not target any really hip style, but is cohesive and with 'Oath Of A Warrior' the Westphalians lead a blade that should send their enemies screaming.

BLACK MESSIAH lead a really sharp blade and after the calm intro 'Götterdämmerung' the opener 'A New Messiah' bears a title as it could hardly be more fitting, because here the band more or less re-defines itself, with fat double-bass that would make a dragon ship give an elephant water ski potential, Zagan's harsh voice, epic keyboards, great melodies that excellently go hand in hand with the heaviness, cohesive, powerful, melodic, Viking Metal at its best, a very good start for this CD, which is even furthered with 'Blutsbruder', with martial German text and great atmosphere, which then is crowned by a mandolin passage, which sounds great and gives the song something really special, original, a song full of power, but with intricacies that capture the listener.

'Bury The Lambs Of Christ' is a super atmospheric song that realizes the majesty of the Nordic nature, the keyboards are not used to fill holes, but put down the foundation on which they build a powerful song structure that are complemented with cool violins, one highlight after the other so far, with melodies that, as on the distant debut, hold this certain Eastern European touch, which sets the band apart from the masses and shows that they do not only try to find their own sound, but actually have found it. Just take the duo 'Setting Sails' and 'Riding The Drakkar' (with the first being some sort of introduction) that combines majesty, heaviness and dynamics in a great way, with different rhythms, great pressing double-bass and all, great, simply great!

'Feld der Ehre' then is only sung cleanly, extremely placative in the lyrics, but the atmosphere is more than convinving and on 'My Way To Asgard' we also get some female vocals, before 'Der Eid' takes up the folky melodies again. The at times extremely clichéd lyrics against Christendom are the only points of criticism I could throw at 'Oath Of A Warrior', because the music is full of variety, ideas, power and majesty, which makes BLACK MESSIAH's comeback a very enjoyable and recommendable Viking Metal expedition that I want more of!

Rating: 9/10

Taken from Metal Observer



1. G鰐terd鋗merung
2. A New Messiah
3. Blutsbruder
4. Bury the Lambs of Christ
5. Setting Sails
6. Riding The Drakkar
7. Christenfeind
8. Feld der Ehre
9. Entering the Halls of Odhinn
10. My Way to Asgaard
11. Der Eid






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