John Lee Hooker -《Come and See About Me》The Definitve DVD9

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专辑中文名Come and See About Me
版本The Definitve DVD9

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这张John Lee Hooker现场精选DVD里面花絮齐全。精选了John Lee Hooker 从20世纪60年代到90年代留下的表演视频,早期黑白的、后期彩色的,非常精彩,汇集了他的所有成名作品。相当多的后辈BLUES艺人表达了敬意,每首作品表演前都有他们的采访。这部DVD可以说是目前最完整记录John Lee Hooker 演艺生涯的专集了,曲目多达18首,花絮里还有对他本人和他女儿的采访。对喜欢John Lee Hooker 的老BLUES迷来说,这一张DVD是非常珍贵的,以往只闻其声不见其人,今天,终于可以一睹他老人家神采。感受,只有一个:激动! 我们有福了。坐进黑夜,重温那些BOOGGIE老曲,是我们对John Lee Hooker 最深的致敬。
1984年和1992年的录像都有,1991、1992年的JLH明显苍老虚弱,1984年还相当劲。与RY COODER合奏的3个曲子有味道些,RY COODER以滑棒吉他相随,谦逊收敛,老HOOKER则是不紧不慢的BOOGIE,十指在琴上拨捻滑动,无限沧桑。Albert Collins和Robert Cray的吉他、Charlie Musselwhite的口琴在最后的JAM里才出来,十几分钟的“THE BOOGIE”,老HOOKER已近垂暮。其他几位吉他各有特色,BONNIE RAITT的SLIDE透者女性特有的细腻,ROY ROGERS的SLIDE则够快够帅,让人眼花缭乱。此DVD包含一张同时发行的CD.

Artist: John Lee Hooker
Album: Come and See About Me |The Definitve DVD
Released: April 20, 2004
Source: Eagle Vision #39029
Genre: Blues
DVD-Type: Full PAL DVD 9 Dual Layer
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Runtime: 127 min. approx.
Audio: AC3 5.1-ch English, AC3 2-ch English
Subpicture: Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian
Format: ISO, Cover and Booklet
Size: 7.292.868.608 bytes (splitted to:
3x 1.826.000.000 bytes, 1x 1.825.203.765 bytes)

Well Ladies and Gentlemen here is the promised John Lee Hooker DVD release. It is a clean 1:1 rip without any re-editing or compression added. I hope SecTa will leave it here because I guess there are only a few of us blues freaks which will keep an eye at the DVD section. So Secta, if you move this, please let a link here or better, make one there

Come and See About Me | The Definitive DVD, the first DVD release from the John Lee Hooker Estate, is exactly what it says it is — definitive. Along with being a tremendous primer for the novice Come and See About Me is also an extraordinary two-hours-plus of documentary footage for the fans. Highlights are a roaring Santana giving John Lee the opportunity to take center-stage on "The Healer" from 1990 and a tremendous "Boogie Chillen" recorded in 1989 with Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones. Along the way there are performances with Foghat, Bonnie Raitt and a reverent moment with Van Morrison on "Baby Please Don't Go." The material comes from a variety of sources, but it is smoothly edited and very well paced with interview footage from daughter Zakiya Hooker, John Lee himself, as well as thoughtful commentary from Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt, Charlie Musselwhite, John Hammond and others. There's some nice bonus material including an extensive scrolling discography, additional interview footage from Hooker and his daughter, and a beautiful black and white six-page booklet that comes with the disc. Audio heard behind the discography and menu is the title track of this DVD, "Come and See About Me," from the lost 1949 tapes Jack O' Diamonds, a CD issued simultaneously with this package. (Joe Viglione)


1) Introduction
2) Baby Please Don't Go
3) Maudie
4) Hobo Blues
5) It Serves Me Right to Suffer
6) Crawlin' Kingsnake
7) The Boogie
8) Never Get Out of These Blues Alive
9) Worried Life Blues
10) Boom Boom
11) I'm Bad Like Jessie James
12) I'm in the Mood
13) Bottle up and Go
14) Tupelo Blues
15) Hobo Blues
16) The Healer
17) Boogie Chillen'
18) I Need Love So Bad

Bonus features:
1) Interview with daughter Zakiya Hooker
2) Interview clip with John Lee Hooker
3) Archive performance of Boogie Chillen
4) Discography






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