《终极网站设计2DVD更新完毕》(Total Training Website Design)英文[ISO]

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英文名Total Training Website Design
别名Extreme Website Makeover

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软件分类: 国外软件 / 零售版 / CG教程
文件大小: 1DVD 2.8G +2DVD 3.27G
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Total Training:终极网站设计!这系列教程,2006.4.23最新释放,近期在国外相当热的一份教程。
Total Training推出的网站设计教程:终极网站设计,该视频教学讲述了如何利用Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Contribute, Photoshop和Illustrator等工具把一个普通的网站变成一个优秀的网站。你会发现合理综合使用这些软件将是非常有效的。John还讲述了有关与多个浏览器和平台的兼容性问题。Total Training, Inc. 一个先驱在参与和创新基于录影的训练, 讲述Adobe多个软件在网站设计的综合应用技法,分享了他业界领先的有关网页设计工具的各种内在秘技,最后教程还将教会你怎么设计多个可应用于商业作品的网站实例,像brochures, business cards,以及company letterhead...这是份专家授予大家使用正确的设计工具保持在设计技能的专业流程化以及技术的先锋性,是网站设计综合应用教程中的里程碑式高级教程!

教程级别: 初级到高级用户
教程播放时长: 11 小时多, 2 DVDs (ROM)

1:解压rar 2:为ISO格式(安装Alcohol 120%进行虚拟或直接DVD刻录) 3:得安装Quicktime与Ensharpen Codec最新版进行播放。

These video tutorials equip you with the skills necessary to turn an ordinary website into one that's content-rich using popular web design and development tools: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Contribute, Photoshop, and Illustrator. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to combine these programs interchangeably. John shares his expertise to help you understand how to ensure compatibility across multiple browsers and platforms.


Learn tips on logo enhancements, stock photo materials, as well as template designs and layouts.

Discover how to utilize your website to build out marketing materials, like brochures, business cards, and company letterhead.

Become truly skilled at how to publish your web projects also to cell phones and kiosks.
关于作者: John Ulliman
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John Ulliman is an authorized instructor for Macromedia's studio of products and principal of his own project development company, where he works closely with the major multimedia software companies. John has been teaching ever since he first started using a computer. Currently, he focuses on the products he uses to make animation magic work, with the intention to bring as much practical experience to his lessons as possible.

Disc 1 - Part 1

Lesson 1: Intoduction & Project Background (10:08 min)
1. Project File Overview
2. Identifying Ways to Improve a Website
3. Previewing the Finished Website

Lesson 2: Creating a Company Logo with Illustrator® (24:52 min)
1. Live Trace & the Tracing Options Dialog Box
2. Adjusting Tracing Presets, Mode & Threshold
3. Adjusting the Trace Settings
4. Converting a Tracing Object into Paths
5. Tracing Strokes & Changing the View
6. Using Live Paint to Fill an Area with Color

Lesson 3: Website Layout using Photoshop® (48:56 min)
1. Preparing a Web Page Mock-up in Photoshop
2. Creating Mock-up Navigation Buttons
3. Managing Assets & Working with Layer Groups
4. Working with Rasterized Illustrator Files
5. Importing & Working with Smart Objects
6. Working with Text
7. Adding Buttons to the Layout
8. Using Blend Modes to Add Graphic Highlights
9. Tidying Up Photoshop & Saving Your Project

Lesson 4: Making Slices with Fireworks® (46:50 min)
1. Altering Some Design Issues in Photoshop
2. Opening a Photoshop File in Fireworks
3. Using the Slice Tool
4. Making Slices with the Selection Tool
5. Exporting from Fireworks into Dreamweaver
6. Adding More Slices to the Web Page
7. Renaming the Slices
8. Setting Up the HTML File for Export
9. Looking at the Images & Deleting Unused Files
10. Optimizing Images with the Optimize Palette
11. Doing a Final Clean-up Pass

Lesson 5: Creating a Dreamweaver® Site (32:00 min)
1. Setting Up the Site De.nition
2. New Document & Preview in Browser Preferences
3. Creating a Tracing Image
4. Editing a Layout in Fireworks
5. Choosing Background Color & Alignment
6. Creating Multiple Pages Using a Template
7. Adding Content to the Pages
8. Modifying a Template in Expanded Mode
9. Linking Buttons to Pages
10. Saving & Updating Template-Based Files

Lesson 6: Cascading Style Sheets (46:19
1. Introducing CSS Styles
2. Creating & Applying a New Class Style
3. Creating & Applying New Tag Styles
4. Removing, Finding & Replacing Styles
5. Duplicating, Moving & Modifying Styles
6. Viewing Applied Styles & Updating Changes
7. Creating an Advanced CSS Rule for Links
8. De.ning Group & Combination Tag Selectors
9. Creating a Class Style for Text Color
10. Creating a Horizontal Rule to Divide Text

Lesson 7: Main Navigation Systems (47:19 min)
1. Setting Up Rollover Button Images in Fireworks
2. Copying & Sharing Graphics across Frames
3. Setting Up the Rollover Behavior in Fireworks
4. Setting Up Pages for a Pop-up Menu
5. Creating a Pop-up Menu in Fireworks
6. Using Correct Paths, Button Styles & Special Characters
7. Adding Rollover Button Images to a Page
8. Exporting Images from Fireworks to Dreamweaver
9. Creating a Rollover Button in Dreamweaver
10. Creating an Animated GIF in Fireworks

Lesson 8: DHTML Layers, Interactivity & Forms (51:42 min)
1. Designing Layers with CSS
2. Determining Table Position with CSS Rules
3. Integrating CSS Styles & DHTML Layers
4. Setting Up a Form on the Stu. Page
5. Adding Buttons & Checkboxes to a Form
6. Enabling the Form to Submit Order Data
7. Creating Remote Rollovers
8. Using the Show-Hide Layers Function
9. Using Tags & Behaviors to Control HTML Text
10. Final Comments & Credits


Lesson 1: ADVANCED GALLERY PAGES (67:58 min)
1. Looking at Web Page Layers in Fireworks
2. Creating Slices for the Crew Images
3. Setting Slice Types & Optimization
4. Copying Images to Another Frame for Rollovers
5. Setting Behaviors for the Navigation Bar
6. Adding Simple Rollovers to the Main Menu
7. Exporting HTML, Images & Slices from Fireworks
8. Linking Slices & Putting Images on Separate Layers
9. Editing HTML & Attaching a Style Sheet
10. Building the Individual Crew Pages
11. Linking the Crew Pages to the Main Page
12. Creating a Photoshop® Web Photo Gallery
13. Setting Up a Page Template for the Gallery
14. Incorporating the Gallery into the Website
15. Finishing Up the Gallery Pages in Dreamweaver

Lesson 2: FLASH® ELEMENTS & FLASH VIDEO (26:32 min)
1. Inserting Flash Text into Dreamweaver
2. Using Flash Buttons
3. Preparing Video in the Flash 8 Video Encoder
4. Advanced Flash Video Encoding Settings
5. Using the Insert Flash Video Dialog Box
6. Viewing the Inserted Flash Video in a Browser

Lesson 3: MAKING FLASH® SLIDESHOWS (59:35 min)
1. Starting a New Slideshow
2. Importing Still Image Files
3. Adding Text to the Slideshow
4. Creating Navigation Button Graphics
5. Converting Button Graphics to Symbols
6. Understanding Keyframe Properties
7. Adding Behaviors to Buttons
8. Loading the Slideshow into a Website
9. Using a Flash Movie as a Template
10. Looking at Publish Settings

Lesson 4: CREATING A FLASH® BANNER AD (49:38 min)
1. Setting Up to Create a Banner Ad
2. Designing the Banner
3. Adding Motion to the Banner
4. Adding Text Elements to the Banner
5. Creating & Animating Text
6. Animating with Motion & Shape Tweens
7. Adjusting the Animation for Timing
8. Linking the Animated Banner to the Site
9. Generating a Size Report & Publishing

Lesson 5: MAKING A MINI FLASH® SITE (73:36 min)
1. Reviewing the Site in Fireworks
2. Importing & Organizing Assets
3. Adjusting Values & Settings in an Imported Document
4. Converting the Layout to a Flash Movie
5. Creating a Flash Animation with Slides
6. Making More Animations Using Guides & Slides
7. Testing Your Flash Movie & Fixing Errors
8. Converting Graphics into Buttons
9. Applying a Behavior to a Button
10. Importing Video
11. Animating the Video
12. Controlling the Video with Behaviors
13. Adding Behaviors to Buttons
14. Setting up a Loader
15. Adding a Progress Bar
16. Placing the Mini Site into the Website

Lesson 6: SITE TESTING & PUBLISHING (36:32 min)
1. Testing a Website for Potential Problems
2. Adding Keywords & Description Meta Tags
3. Viewing the Site Map & Modifying Page Titles
4. Verifying Links with Check Links Sitewide Feature
5. Checking Source Code for Errors
6. Setting Up a Remote Server for Your Website
7. Cloaking Certain File Types to Prevent Publishing
8. Making Changes to a Published Website

1. Setting Up a Website for Multiple Users
2. Communicating through Design Notes
3. Creating a Connection with Contribute
4. Editing a Web Page in Contribute
5. Administering a Website

1. Creating a Business Card Using Web Page Graphics
2. Creating a Brochure Using Web Page Graphics
3. Adding Background & Text Colors to the Brochure
4. Saving the Brochure as a PDF for Printing Purposes
5. Saving the Brochure as a PDF for the Web
6. Linking the Brochure PDF to the Website
7. Final Comments & Credits

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