Grant Green -《Street of Dreams》[FLAC]

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专辑中文名Street of Dreams
歌手Grant Green

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Grant Green有厚实的节奏蓝调的背景,同时也有很扎实的bop爵士的技巧。他所欣赏的爵士乐前辈,大多是一些管乐器的音乐家,因此他常喜欢以单音弹奏来表现,这样的即兴演奏在吉他手之中是很不同的。 他的父亲也是一位吉他手,Grant Green 在13岁时就已经可以与福音乐团做很专业的演出。

1960年在萨克斯风手Lou Donaldson的建议下来到纽约市。 50年代时的合作乐手有Jimmy Forrest、Harry Edison以及Lou Donaldson。 60年代的Grant Green显得更加成熟与流畅,能像他如此精於标準爵士乐与抒情曲的吉他手是很少的,虽然乐评尚未给他很高的评价,这点它的确是被被低估与忽略,不过此时他已经是一位吉他明星。

接下来的主要合作乐手有Stanley Turrentine、Dave Bailey、Yusef Lateef、Joe Henderson、Hank Mobley、Herbie Hancock、McCoy Tyner以及Elvin Jones。60年代时因吸毒而中断一些时间,也让他在健康上受到很大的影响。

This is one of my top ten favorite jazz albums. It captures a certain feel of West Coast Cool. It's mellow music but there is complexity and brilliance to Green's guitar work that gives the music an intricacy and vigor worth listening to over and over again. Smooth but not flaccid. But this album would be an important part of your jazz collection even without appreciating the cryptic subtleties that lend it weight. It works just as well on a simpler level, purely on it's charming, hypnotic sound. Green's guitar solos float buoyantly over the smooth sounds of Larry Young's organ work, accented by Bobby Hutcherson's vibes and an appropriately restrained Elvin Jones on drums. Don't believe me? Sample track 3, Streets of Dreams, and see.

It's rare to find such a beautiful blending of instruments. Musicians complimenting each other with such generosity of spirit and such clarity of sound and vision, it will shame away every negative emotion tucked away in your subconscious. It's like a colonic hydrotherapy for the soul, but without the risks of intestinal perforations and flash edema. Less invasive too, wouldn't you say? For best results, go get a deep tissue massage, then rush immediately to your local osteopath for some vigorous thoracic and lumbar adjustments. Then, drive home, take just a pinch of Xanax and a baby dose of chloral hydrate. Take a hot shower, pour yourself a tall Tanqueray on the rocks, and put the album on. Dim the lights. Fire up a lava lamp if you've got one. If you must smoke, I would go with a light Maryland pipe tobacco, unsweetened, mixed with just a smidgen of smoky Cyprian latakia. Please do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this music.
You're welcome.

ps:这张为1998年的remaster版本, 原版发行在1964年, Blue Note的唱片


1. I Wish You Love
2. Lazy Afternoon
3. Street Of Dreams
4. Somewhere In The Night






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