Dysrhythmia -《Barriers & Passages 》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Barriers & Passages

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专辑名称: Barriers & Passages
专辑歌手: Dysrhythmia
发行日期: 2006-05-02
专辑语种: 英语
专辑类型: Experimental,Avant-Garde
唱片公司: Relapse


Progressive rock, heavy metal, indie-rock, avant-jazz 和 ambient mesmerism 等等这些风格都集中在在这支美国费城乐队Dysrhythmia身上。

乐队成立于1999年,成员为吉他手Kevin Hufnagel,贝司手Clayton Ingerson,他们从高中开始就是好朋友,后来都在费城大学主修音乐专业。分开几年后他们于1999年聚在一起,在加入了鼓手Jeff Eber的6个月后,乐队终于成形。

The goal of the band from the very beginning has been to write music that is strictly instrumental, yet high in both emotional and cerebral impact. The band wasted no time writing what was to be their first self-released CD 'Contradiction' in early 2000. Like all of DYSRHYTHMIA's recordings, this album was done completely live in the studio with very few overdubs. In 2001 came the 'No Interference' record, viewed by the band and many others as a large advancement over 'Contradiction' in every aspect; from the writing, to the playing, to the production. Realizing their music is best experienced live, DYSRHYTHMIA purchased a used van for $1,000 and set out booking their own tours throughout the East Coast, Midwest, and South. In 2002 came two more releases in the form of a split 10" with the amazingly innovative XthoughtstreamsX and a split 7" with Philadelphia noise-rockers Technician.

DYSRHYTHMIA’s hard work and dedication was beginning to show serious results. Relapse Records offered to sign the band and DYSRHYTHMIA went into Electrical Audio Studios with engineer Steve Albini to record their third release 'Pretest'. 2003 was an extremely busy and productive year for the band as they toured relentlessly with labelmates Mastodon, Cephalic Carnage, Burnt by the Sun, and many others. Notable performances included stops at The Relapse Contamination Festival, The Relapse SXSW Showcase in Austin, and The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival where they were profiled by both MTV 2 and Fuse's Uranium Program. Despite not easily fitting in with the label's primarily "extreme-metal" roster, audiences new to the band were instantly converted by the band's high energy, wild enthusiasm, musical proficiency and honesty. Press response was rather kind to the band with Metal Hammer Magazine naming 'Pretest' one of the "Top 10 Essential Mathcore Albums of All Time". Revolver Magazine named 'Pretest' one of the "Top 20 Albums of 2003" alongside albums by Radiohead, Metallica, Killing Joke, and others.

In 2004, DYSRHYTHMIA continued to tour in support of 'Pretest' doing dates with Clutch as well as partaking in the Relapse Contamination tour with labelmates High on Fire and Zeke. However, by the summer the band needed to take a break. This break ended with original bassist Clayton Ingerson leaving the band. Despite what was viewed by most as a shock and massive setback, DYSRHYTHMIA quickly rebounded with new bassist Colin Marston [also of Troubleman Recording artists Behold... the Arctopus]. No less than a month later the band was offered a week of dates with Isis.

Amidst touring, DYSRHYTHMIA are hard at work writing the follow-up to 'Pretest', feeling a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration with fresh blood in the band and many fresh ideas.


1. Pulsar
2. Appeared At First
3. Bypass The Solenoid
4. Ally To Comprehension
5. Seal/Breaker/Void
6. Kamma Niyama
7. Sleep Decayer
8. Bus Terminal
9. Luminous
10. Will The Spirit Prevail







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