Sonata Arctica -《For the Sake of Revenge》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名For the Sake of Revenge

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专辑名称: For the Sake of Revenge
专辑歌手: Sonata Arctica
发行日期: 2006-04-04
专辑语种: 英语
专辑类型: Melody Metal,Power Metal,Progressive Metal
唱片公司: Nuclear Blast Americ
压缩比率: 320kbps


Sonata Arctica 于1996年在芬兰北部的一个小镇Kemi成立,乐队最初的名字叫做Tricky Beans.在Tricky Beans时期,乐队录制了三首demo: Friend till the End, Agre Pamppers and PeaceMaker,并且在Jyrki Sä hkösirkus演过两次.1997年乐队经过一些人事变动.这支现在以金属风格为大家所知的乐队最初的风格却和重金属相去甚远.
  1999年Tricky Means在家乡的Tico Tico工作室录制了demo "FullMoon".当时参加录音的成员为: Tony (主唱/键盘), Jani (吉他), Tommy (鼓), and Janne (贝司).这个demo是乐队第一次尝试重金属风格的东西.乐队标志性的东西:快速的、旋律化的、键盘为主导的重金属就在这时候产生了。主唱的声音高亢和清晰。因为Tico-Tico 工作室 Ahti Kortelainen的帮助,乐队的第一个demo有机会给芬兰首屈一指的金属厂牌Spinefarm听到,并且收到命运的垂青。同时,乐队更名为Sonata Arctica.
  1999年夏天乐队带来了他们更名以后的第一张单曲UnOpened。其中两首歌曲 UnOpened 和Mary-Lou是两首明显更power化的歌曲.单曲的发行不是一帆风顺的,其中的歌曲Unopened在压成CD的时候莫名其妙的慢了下来,发现这个问题的时候第一批碟片已经送到发售商手上,只好重新压制.在收回这批碟片的时候,已经有200张售出,现在这些唱片成了罕见的收藏品.
  1999年秋天,乐队发行了他们首张全长唱片Ecliptica,最初是在芬兰发行,很快其他国家也有销售.这张唱片获得了成功,使乐队有机会参与到两张致敬专辑的录制:向Helloween致敬专辑"Keepers of Jericho"中的歌曲\ 'I Want Out\'以及向Scorpions 致敬专辑"A Tribute to the Scorpions"中的\ 'Still Loving You\'.都是”kick-ass”原作的版本.
  专辑Ecliptica发行以后,乐队的灵魂人物 Tony Kakko决定专注于唱歌,不想再一边弹键盘一边唱, Mikko Harkin加入了乐队,作为键盘手,解放了Tony,让他可以在演出的时候满台乱逛.这次阵容变化给乐队带来了新气象,让他们的现场更有魅力,并且有时出现两个键盘同时出现的神奇魔力.
  1999年底到2000 年,乐队的知名度越来越高,乐队在和15个公司的32支乐队的竞争中获胜,获得了为Stratovarius欧洲巡演作支持的机会.巡演在2000年4月开始,同时参演的还有Strato和Rhapsody.巡演持续了2个月,这期间乐队在10个国家参加了30场演出行程超过1000公里.
  之后,乐队发行了一张mini –CD Successor .这张CD中包括两首以前未发表的歌曲,为致敬专辑而做的翻唱歌曲, Provinssi Rock中的一些live,以及专辑Ecliptica一首歌曲的重新编配版本.
  因为个人原因, Janne Kivilahti决定离开乐队.2000年6月30日他参加了最后一场在kemi的演出. Marko Paasikoski取代了Janne的位置, Marko是Tricky Beans(乐队以前用名)的首创人员之一,和乐队很默契.
  2000年可谓是乐队的丰收年,这一年,乐队获得了媒体的关注,乐队获得了芬兰Emma奖最佳新晋乐队的提名.2001年春天乐队和Alice Cooper, Dio 以及 Ratt in Monsters参加了两场巡演.
  2000年秋天到2001年,乐队都在准备他们的第二张专辑.所有的歌曲都由乐队的灵魂人物Tony Kakko完成.单曲"Wolf & Raven"在5月发行.专辑最初定在日本首发,其他国家晚些时候推出,这也是因为乐队的第一张专辑在日本卖出了30000张,可见乐队在日本的受欢迎程度.同时乐队定下了2001年9月到日本进行演出的计划.乐队今天的日程安排得满满的,七月.在欧洲巡演的门票已经售出,紧接着去日本巡演,然后又是欧洲同Gamma Ray一起演出.时间长达五周,行程12个国家28场演出.

Formed 1996 in the Finnish town of Kemi, SONATA ARCTICA has over the past ten years become one of the most important melodic power metal bands on the planet. Extremely successful tours throughout Europe, America and Japan made Tony Kakko and the boys an international act with thousands of fans all over the world.

“For the sake of revenge” is the proof of SONATA ARCTICAs fantastic live performance and gives everyone a perfect view of the bands ten year career. 18 songs, tons of bonus material ,interesting and amusing commentary by the band makes “For the sake of revenge” one of the most entertaining DVDs on the market.

Years ago, in the summer of 99 the first single "UnOpened" was released and the debut album "Ecliptica" followed later in the fall. Well recieved by metal fans all over the world, the first full length album opened many doors for the band, nailing a support slot for STRATOVARIUS tour in 2000. On this tour SONATA ARCTICA played more than 30 gigs in ten different countries and gained a lot of new fans. The same year SONATA ARCTICA got nominated in the category "best newcomer-act" by Emma Finland and the Mini-CD "Successor" was released.

A year later, in the spring of 2001, the guys opened two shows for ALICE COOPER on the "Monsters Of The Millennium Tour" in Finland! The next single "Wolf & Raven" and especially the second album "Silence" made the 'SONATA ARCTICA mania complete. The Finns also got very popular in Japan where they played their first gigs in September 2001. 2003s "Winterheart’s Guild" set new standards in the genre of melodic power metal, finally making SONATA ARCTICA the stars of the scene. In late 2003, SONATA ARCTICA signed a contract with Nuclear Blast Records and started recording "Reckoning Night" soon after. The first single ”Don't Say A Word” was released on August 23rd in Finland only. The single went straight to#1 in the official charts! The EP was eventually also released in Japan and the Japanese made sure it hit the top spot over there too. In their home country the new album was released a week earlier than the rest of the world and got straight to #2 and stayed there for 2 weeks. Chart positions in the rest of Europe followed. A headline tour was supposed to follow the release of "Reckoning Night“, but the band recieved a once-in-a-lifetime invitation from Nightwish to join their European tour as special guests. Sonata Arctica simply could not say no and toured Europe with NIGHTWISH, playing arenas with capacities up to 12 000!
In October 2004, “silence” reached gold status in Finland, selling more than 15000 copies.

"Reckoning Night" was once again a step forward, showing the band's capability of writing heart-rending melodies with power, speed and great refrains: SONATA ARCTICA represent Melodic Power Metal of the highest order - technical finesse meets premium grasp of harmonies and atmosphere.

In February 2006 “Reckoning Night“ went gold in Finnland and shortly before “Winterheart’s Guild“ did the same! This totals THREE gold albums in their native country.

Perfect timing to release the long awaited live-DVD/CD “For the Sake of Revenge” don’t you think? Here it is! Everything you´ve seen and heard means nothing until you´ve SEEN “For the Sake of Revenge”!


1. Prelude For Reckoning
2. Misplaced
3. Blinded No More
4. Fullmoon
5. Victoria's Secret
6. Broken
7. 8th Commandment
8. Shamandalie
9. Kingdom For A Heart
10. Replica
11. My Land
12. Black Sheep
13. Gravenimage
14. Don't Say A Word
15. The Cage / Vodkaa / Hava Nagila







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