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中文名VTC Search Engine Optimization 2006
版本LinGiSO 教程



Course Intro
Course Intro (02:14)
What Is Covered In This course (03:05)
Why Search Engines Are Important (04:35)
Limitations of SE Optimization (02:53)
How Search Engines Work
Survey of the Search Engine Landscape (02:15)
Search Engine Terms Defined (02:27)
Optimization Vs Advertising (06:53)
Crawler-based Search Engines (03:34)
How Crawler-based Search Engines Work (04:11)
Web Directories (03:30)
Pay Per Click Systems (04:26)
How Engines Rank Web Pages pt.1 (03:57)
How Engines Rank Web Pages pt. 2 (05:21)
The Importance of Off-Page Factors (03:17)
Checking the Current Status of Your Sites
Google and The Google Tool Bar (04:54)
Checking Your Pages in Google (03:21)
Checking Your Pages in Yahoo (03:18)
Checking MSN and the Others (04:49)
Making Frames More SE Friendly (05:40)
Setting Page Titles and Descriptions (04:27)
Checking Page Links and Content (04:07)
How to Make Your Content Easy to Index (04:01)
Choosing Target Keywords
Keyword Research (04:49)
More Keyword Research (03:30)
Keyword Phrases Vs Single Words (04:50)
Analyzing the Competition for Keywords (05:10)
Identifying Your Money Keywords (04:11)
Make Keywords Specific and Descriptive (05:29)
Keyword Tools: Wordtracker (06:40)
Other Keyword Tools (05:24)
How Domain Names Effect SE Placement
How Domain Names Affect SE Placement (02:41)
Choosing Effective Names (05:00)
Registering Domain Names (05:00)
Using Multiple Domain Names (03:37)
Setting Up Multiple Domain Names (05:10)
Designing Web Pages That Search Engines Like
Creating Crawler-friendly Sites (04:14)
Placing Keywords: Page Titles (06:45)
Placing Keywords: Meta Descriptons (06:05)
Placing Keywords: Meta Keywords (02:35)
Placing Keywords: Headings (03:23)
Placing Keywords: Body Text (04:40)
Benefits of Using CSS (06:24)
Working with Images (04:00)
Additional Page Construction Tips (05:32)
Robot.txt Files (04:10)
Outgoing Links (05:23)
Common Page Content Mistakes (04:38)
Fixing Invisible Navigation Systems (05:13)
Link Building
Why Links are Importnt (02:54)
Link Basics (02:36)
Building Natural Link Structures (01:37)
Reciprocal Links (03:47)
Using Google PageRank (05:18)
Tips for Identifying Other Links (02:29)
Tips on Writing Link Requests (03:41)
Getting Links from Directories (03:00)
Links that Can Work Against You (04:06)
Strategies for Improving Your Links (05:57)
Advanced Link Building Techniques
Provide Valuable Content (03:47)
Syndicating Your Content (03:54)
Article Directories (02:57)
Blogs (03:37)
Content Subscriptions Using RSS Feeds (04:59)
Paying for Traffic
Why Pay for Traffic? (04:53)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Programs (03:24)
A Survey of PPC Programs (04:40)
Google AdWords and AddSense (04:27)
Improving AdWords Rankings (04:40)
Yahoo Search Marketing (05:20)
Planning Your Yahoo Ad Campaign (03:17)
Planning Your Bid Strategies (04:16)
Determining Your Max Bids (03:38)
Yahoo Search Marketing Reports (02:55)
Tracking Your Ads (02:24)
Importance of Internet Advertising (01:52)
Google Specs and Overview (03:24)
Google Site Organization (03:45)
Google Page Construction Tips (02:35)
Google Link Strategies (04:15)
Avoiding The Google Sandbox Effect (03:27)
Yahoo Specs and Overview (05:17)
Yahoo Site Organization (02:14)
Yahoo Page Construction Tips (02:38)
MSN Search
MSN Search Specs and Overview (03:23)
MSN Search Site Organization (02:32)
MSN Search Optimization Techniques (04:34)
MSN Search Linking Strategies (02:46)
Optimization Tips from MSN (02:50)
Ask Jeeves
Ask Jeeves Specs and Overview (02:35)
Technical and Editorial Requirements (02:01)
Additional Requirements and Design Tips (02:53)
Web Directories
Directories Vs Search Engines (03:03)
The Yahoo Directory (02:10)
Submitting Sites to the Yahoo Directory (03:07)
The Open Directory Project (ODP) (01:48)
Submitting a Site to the ODP (04:18)
Tips for Getting Listed in ODP (04:33)
Getting Hi-Tech Pages Indexed
Frame Pages (04:14)
Flash (04:24)
Optimizing Flash Content for Google (04:48)
Avoiding Problematic Flash Content (02:39)
Dynamically Generated Pages (03:32)
Search Engine Optimization Tools
Information Sources (04:24)
SEO Web Sites (04:14)
Wordtracker (05:43)
SE Rank Monitors (02:53)
Keyword Density Analyzers (02:19)
Link Optimizers-Optilink (05:19)
Final Thoughts
Course Wrap-up (01:43)
Disclaimer (01:08)
About Your Author (01:48)

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