Sepultura -《Chaos A.D.》专辑[MP3!]

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专辑名称: Chaos A.D.
艺人乐队: Sepultura
出版日期: 1993

1. Refuse/Resist
2. Territory
3. Slave New World
4. Amen
5. Kaiowas
6. Propaganda
7. Biotech Is Godzilla
8. Nomad
9. We Who Are Not As Others
10. Manifest
11. The Hunt
12. Clenched Fist
13. Chaos B.C.
14. Kaiowas [Tribal Jam]
15. Territory [Live]
16. Amen/Inner Self [Live]

Date of Release : 1993
AMG Rating : ★★★★★
Styles : Thrash, Death Metal/Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal
Time : 46:48

AMG Review :

Chaos A.D was the record where everything came together for Sepultura, when they graduated from being an excellent, if derivative, band into one of metal's most unique voices. Their strident political dissidence is more focused than ever, referring explicitly to injustices in their native Brazil. The band's thick, chunky guitars, busy percussion, and hoarsely shouted vocals may be rooted in death metal, but it was often hard to call Sepultura a true death metal band, even if they flirted heavily with the style by way of Slayer; Chaos A.D. is rooted just as much in hardcore punk in its lean, stripped-down assault, featuring a cover of New Model Army's "The Hunt" and a collaboration with Jello Biafra on "Biotech Is Godzilla." At a time when '80s thrash giants like Metallica and Megadeth were streamlining their music for greater accessibility, Sepultura's aggression actually increased along with their tightened focus, borrowing from hardcore arguably more effectively than any other true metal band. Additionally, Sepultura began to draw upon the influences of their native Brazil, audible in the acoustic instrumental "Kaiowas" and in the way the band's complex rhythms move and breathe, to offer a much wider range than any of their contemporaries seemed willing to pursue. The band's songwriting became almost airtight, giving up the breakneck speed and long progressive passages borrowed from mid-'80s Metallica, and concentrating instead on creating texture and dissonance. But really, it's the unbelievably powerful rhythmic base provided by Igor Cavalera that gives Chaos A.D its knockout punch. Endlessly playable (there isn't a wasted or unnecessary note on the album), passionately performed, and a sign that a new metal underground was finally bearing artistic fruit, Chaos A.D. ranks as one of the greatest heavy metal albums of all time. It's a remarkable achievement not only in its concentrated power and originality, but also in the degree to which Sepultura eclipsed their idols in offering a vision of heavy metal's future — a vision that would only grow more compelling with their next release. — Steve Huey

Belo Horizonte是巴西的第三大城市,Belo Horizonte这个城市几乎可以与美国的佛罗里达、瑞典的歌德堡相比肩,因为那里是巴西早期极端金属的重镇。Sepultura、Chakal、Megathrash、Sextrash、Exterminator、Overdose、Eminence、Soulless、Insurrection、The Mist、Sarcofago,这些80早期至90中期的Thrash/Death/Black乐队都是Belo Horizonte的市民,但是不是良民就不一定了。

Sepultura于1984年在Belo Horizonte成立,乐队成员是Max Cavalera、Paulo.Jr.、Jairo T.、Igor Cavalera,一支暴狠的兄弟乐队。那时候的Sepultura没有对政治表示不满,他们的音乐中只有对上帝满腔的怨恨!






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