Various Artists -《Promo Only Country Radio April 2006》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Promo Only Country Radio April 2006

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Promo Only is a music and music video subscription service for professional disc jockeys. It was the first monthly music service available to music professionals on CD.

Promo Only began in 1992 when DJ Jim Robinson met up with another DJ Pete Werner on the pursuit of Janet Jackson's "Miss You Much (The Mama Mix)" recording. Werner was able to help out Robinson due to his connection with record labels, and Robinson offered to copy 12” vinyl releases Werner received each month onto one DAT. After joking that they could even press the DAT into a CD, they realized that there would be a market for such a package, and the company was born.

Promo Only (later renamed ‘Promo Only Club’) officially began in June of 1992, offering the latest 12” Dance mixes and hard to find releases. Werner and Robinson soon expanded into pop releases, with Promo Only Radio, combining the best of Top 40 pop, dance, urban and rock, helped by Columbia Records head of pop promotions, Jerry McKenna.

The following years saw the appearances of more series: Urban Radio (August 1994), Country Radio (June 1995) and Modern Rock Radio (November 1995), Rhythm Radio (1997) and Promo Only started growing popular among DJs all over the US. Around 1997, Promo Only began separating their CD series' into Club and Radio. 1997 also saw the creation of Promo Only Canada, and a London Branch.

Werner and Robinson next ventured into the field of music videos buying out retiring friend Wolf Zimmerman's Orlando-based company, Wolfram Video in 1999. Music videos were released on DVDs, and now includes six monthly series – Hot Video, Dance Mix Video, Pop Mix Video, Club Video, Country Video and Latin Video, and several specialty compilations.

In 2002, Promo Only Gear, Promo Only’s audio and video equipment branch started, as did a new monthly CD series, Contemporary Christian. Other new developments include Club Promo, Promo Only’s new online DJ community, and Promo Only’s website of All-Time Greatest DJ Drops, a free downloadable DJ sample service.

感觉这个Promo Only系列是专门主要为了打榜单去而发行的一个合集的系列,当然大家也可以用这些专辑来了解一些音乐流行趋势吧.
这个系列一般是Mokake同学发布的,他一般发Urban,Mainstream和Modern Rock三个部分,我觉得Country也算挺重要的一个音乐类型,应该发上来,就把四月份的Country发了上来,希望大家能够喜欢吧.


1.Wal-Mart Parking Lot-Chris Cagle
2.Favorite State Of Mind-Josh Gracin
3.That's How They Do It In Dixie-Hank Williams Jr. With Gretchen Wilson, Big & Rich And Van Zant
4.The Lucky One-Faith Hill
5.Why, Why, Why-Billy Currington
6.What's Up With That-Scotty Emerick
7.Politically Uncorrect-Gretchen Wilson f./Merle Haggard
8.The Seashores Of Old Mexico-George Strait
9.How 'Bout You-Eric Church
10.Brand New Girlfriend-Steve Holy
11.Easy Does It-Hot Apple Pie
12.Ain't What It Used To Be-Megan Mullins
13.Yee Haw-Jake Owen
14.Findin' A Good Man-Danielle Peck
15.It Was An Absolutely Finger Lickin', Grits And Chicken Country Music Love Song-Bomshel
16.Get Outta My Way-Carolina Rain
17.Pearls-Shannon Brown
18.She Don't Tell Me To-Montgomery Gentry







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