E-Rotic -《Mambo No. Sex》(Mambo No. Sex)[MP3!]

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专辑英文名Mambo No. Sex
专辑中文名Mambo No. Sex

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专辑名称: Mambo No. Sex
专辑歌手: E-Rotic
发行日期: 1999
专辑语种: 英语
专辑类型: 舞曲
唱片公司: BMG
压缩比率: 224Kbps / CBR


E-ROTIC乐队的歌曲多在日本游戏公司KONAMI的音乐游戏中选用,比如Dance Dance Revolution(跳舞机)系列和Beatmania(打碟机)系列。其旋律上口,节奏鲜明。喜欢这类音乐的朋友一定不要错过!

E-rotic, originally was established back in 1994 by Lyane Leigh and Raz-Ma-Taz (Richard Michael Smith). Their start was quite sexy and exciting. "Max, Don't Have Sex With Your Ex" was the first hit group recorded in 1994. It was an excellent Euro-dance track, very dancable and rhythmic, quite upbeat. After this great success they came up with another hit "Fred, Come To Bed". The main subject of this song was ... REVENGE!. "After Max had sex with his Ex, I ended up in bed with Fred" sang Lyane . "It is only a song, in real life I am still a single woman" she says. Many guys would probably die to become a Fred - she has so many male fans that it is quite hard to keep them away from her. The second part of this group was Raz-Ma-Taz (Richard Michael Smith (at that time 24), a very handsome American black male; an ex-football player from Atlanta, During E-rotic's best days he became a collector of... bras. During their tournee in Germany his female fans were throwing bras on the scene. Gee! That's a popularity !!!

The group usually preformed in clothes that instead of covering the body kept them rather uncovered. Both Lyane and Richard loved to dance a lot, and their dance was quite "hot" and exotic, making not only them to sweat, but also the people watching them. The private life of Richard and Lyane was quite different. While Richard usually did not dare to miss any good night parties and usually was winning the title of the "King of Flirt", Lyane most of the time stayed in the hotel. She didn't like night escapades. She also did not like an alcohol, with just few exceptions when she drinked some champaigne on a very special occasions. Richard moved to his new house Chateau Navagne (built in 1292) near Maastricht in Belgium with his friend, Rod (from ex Fun Factory) leaving his appartment to Deon (ex PHARAO rapper) with whom he shared it.


01 Mambo No. Sex (Radio Edit)
02 Temple of Love
03 Give a Little Love
04 Don't Talk Dirty to Me
05 Oh Nick Please Not so Quick
06 Wild and Strong
07 Sam
08 Do It All Night
09 Dance With The Vamps
10 Dr. Love
11 Makin' Love in The Sun
12 Wish You Were Here
13 Oh Nick Please Not so Quick (Flute Version)
14 Mambo No. Sex (Extended Version)
15 Sam (Extended Version)







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