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艺术家Paco de Lucia

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不论你对他印象是来自和John McLaughlin、Al Di Meola共同演出的《Friday Night In San Francisco》。,尤其在一赵南美之旅后帕可改进了佛朗明哥吉他的风格成为独树一帜的顶尖大师。 《Antologia》精选辑,选曲范围自七0年到九0年代且无特别以风格或纪年区分,於是合成为两张一套的CD,内容虽从佛朗明哥吉他、融合爵士古典风格都包含其中,但是最主要仍是落在热情的拉丁节拍加上帕可.迪.鲁奇亚精湛的共鸣吉他弹奏与难以抗拒的特出节奏魅力。


Paco De Lucia是20世纪后期佛拉明哥音乐的一位重要的革新者。1947年出生在卡迪斯的阿尔赫西拉斯,他7岁的时候就开始弹奏吉他并且在十几岁的时候和他的兄弟Pipe一起录制了一张LP。早在1960年,Sabicas就对他在吉他演奏上产生了巨大的影响,动员他离开了传统学校。他的首张独奏专辑发行于1964年,5年后他确定了一个和歌唱家Camaron De La lsla长期合作录音的计划。70年代他的一首热门曲“Entre dos Aguas”影响了整整一代的西班牙年轻人,接着又以“Firday Night in San Francisco”一曲征服了世界范围的听众。他在1982年和John McLaughlin及Al Di Meola一起的现场演出具称超过了百万的观众。Paco De Lucia不断地把拉美和爵士元素引入佛拉明哥并且与不同时代的西班牙音乐家合作。
Paco de Lucia是西班牙吉他音乐的一代人的大师(“the finest Flamenco Guitarist on his generation, possibly ever!”)当然,他主要是佛朗明戈吉他的演奏家,这与他的身世和早期经历有关,他出身吉他世家,从小就开始了为佛朗明戈舞者伴舞的经历,成年后开始为西班牙着名的佛朗明戈舞者Jose Greco伴奏,在各地演出,从此成为着名的吉他手名胜远扬。70年代后开始涉猎古典和JAZZ,BLUSE领域,所出版的个人演奏专集甚至不少于Romero家族的头面人物
Largely considered the finest Flamenco Guitarist on his generation, (possibly ever), this is some of the most affecting beautiful composed music I've heard in recent times. Paco's ability to carry a song with just his guitar and the most subtle of backing musicians is quite awe-inspiring. He moves from complex delicate guitar rhythmic arrangements, to furiously intense rapid fire passages that will almost certainly invoke an response of complete awe & admiration for what he does better than anyone else. This is an Anthology of (a Limited 2 Cd version) that complies his two `Antologia' albums into 2 disks (1 disk for each Anthology), and for a double album that weights in at over 24 tracks, you'd think that you'd have had your fill of Contemporary Flamenco, way before then....but you'd be wrong, spreading the listening experience a disk at a time (over 2 days) not only left me with an unquenchable thirst for more of his work, but has that astute honour of being the most remarkable album, I've heard for sometime, and that's with some truly exceptional competition, utter genius. And it should also be noted that this is a perfect introduction into Paco's sublime music if your new to this particular artist. --This text refers to the Audio CD edition
Reviewer: Edy Gibert (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - See all my reviews
Paco de Lucia's anthology edited by Uni/Polygram Latino consists of two volumes (one CD per volume) comprehending a varied number of themes from the different stages of the virtuoso modern flamenco guitarist and composer. Please allow me to cover both volumes in one review. Considering Paco's long career and extensive material I have to admit that the compilation was done with excellent taste and offers great value. Although the material is aimed to those listeners who probably don't own any of De Lucia's albums or just a few recordings, nevertheless, they managed to include a good selection of many of Paco's main modern compositions -in my opinion where his value is- that he still plays today during his many tours. Among them: "Solo Quiero Caminar", "Rio Ancho", "Zyryah", "Tio Sabas", "Chiquito", and "Entre Dos Aguas". In addition, the album includes some of the older and more traditional pieces as well as some from earlier recordings, and a movement from the "Concierto de Aranjuez" (live recording by Paco with orchestra). Something inside tells me that he ideal anthology that would have made justice to De Lucia would definitely have been two double CDs with more live material and collaboration efforts with Al Dimeola and John Mc Laughling. But, again this is an opportunity to own many or most of his best at a convenient price in two separate volumes. If you really are starting to listen to Paco De Lucia I recommend you start with Volume 2 as I think the material introduces better the different moods of the artist and allows you to better sense his musical evolution. If you then want more go for Vol. 1 to complete Paco's main repertoire, and/or get "Luzia" (his last release), simply because today he is playing better than ever. Paco changed the sound and the depth of Flamenco and of Spain's modern music not by playing strange noises, crazy effects, or soloing out of tune, but by adding alternatives and expanding the music scales and improvising over the rigid structure of traditional Flamenco and Spanish music. Thank you Paco for allowing the Sapnish folklore and sentiment to grow.
Possibly the greatest living flamenco guitarist to come out of Spain in the modern era, Paco de Lucia is arguably the best contemporary flamenco guitarist. He is definately one of the most productive with an extensive archive that rarely dissappoints. This collection of early works is fabulous. The technical magic he performs with such dexterity with his fingers is truly amazing, it is mesmerizing. That anyone can produce such fluid rapid fire attacks on the guitar is a testament to the fact that some individuals are truly blesssed. That we can share his talents via CD's is something to not be missed. The songs on this superb collection are vintage Paco, before his forays into jazz expermentation, just beautiful guitar work. The styles displayed on this CD run the gamut from bulerias, tanguillos, tangos to rhumbas, all with exceptional skill. This is, for the most part quiet music, although it is so fiery that it definately stimulates the mind. The guitar as the focal point of interest is no easy task unless of course the talents are those of Paco de Lucia. There is a song that is very lovely that he performed in the film "Flamenco" entitled "Solo Quiero Caminar", complete with accompanying vocals ala estilo gitano. Another beautiful track is his rendition of Falla's "Danza Ritual del Fuego" in which he performs with such warmth and rhythmn that is countered by hand clapping and whirling flute that it is no wonder it is "El Amor Brujo." All of the tracks are strong and display his numerous talents by allowing him to show the many sides of flamenco. Some of the songs have a "jam session" feel to them as though the guitarists got together for some majica gitano. If you love flamenco you can't get enough Paco de Lucia. This is packaged to show some of his best early work, but you can't go wrong with the CD's from which these songs were taken either. An excellent example of flamenco guitar at it's finest, this is the real deal.



01. Almoraima [0:05:27.38]
02. Cancion de Amor [0:04:21.30]
03. Gloria al Niino Ricardo [0:05:07.25]
04. Solo Quiero Caminar [0:06:19.30]
05. Punta Umbria [0:03:24.72]
06. Rio Ancho [0:04:31.40]
07. Danza Ritual del Fuego [0:04:24.55]
08. Compadres [0:05:16.33]
09. Fuente y Caudal [0:05:13.67]
10. Casilda [0:03:47.10]
11. Cepa Andaluza [0:05:48.23]
12. Rumba Improvisada [0:04:07.10]


01. Zyryab [0:06:18.10]
02. Guajiras De Lucia [0:03:23.65]
03. Cobre [0:03:12.22]
04. Monasterio De Sal [0:04:54.30]
05. Cana De Azucar [0:04:20.08]
06. Barrio La Vina [0:03:27.52]
07. Tio Sabas [0:05:05.20]
08. La Barrosa [0:04:38.18]
09. La Cueva Del Gato [0:05:45.17]
10. Chiquito [0:04:44.65]
11. En La Caleta [0:03:25.43]
12. Entre Dos Aguas [0:06:00.62]
13. Aranjuez [0:05:41.73]






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