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歌手the duskfall

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THE DUSKFALL have it all: the sheer power of finest Thrash riffing, Death Metal grooves and out-of-this-world hunting melodies. This Swedish quartet is setting new standards in complex song-writing and sheer headbanging power! Produced by Daniel Bergstrand (IN FLAMES, MESHUGGAH, DARK FUNERAL), “Lifetime Supply Of Guilt” is the new release from the Swedish combo and it combines and enhance all the strengths of THE DUSKFALL. “Intensity, melody, aggression” as Mikael Sandorf sums it up when talking about his music.

All of this and more can be found in the latest effort of the Swedes: intense guitar solos, unforgettable Power Metal melodies and brutal Death / Thrash riffing are the most obvious elements of THE DUSKFALL style. Above all soars the aggressive yet emotional voice of Kai that gives that very special edge to killer tracks like “The Shallow End” or “Hours Are Wasted”. With “Lifetime Supply Of Guilt”, THE DUSKFALL have truly distilled the essence of their sound. This is Swedish Metal at its very best.

Formed by guitarist Mikael Sandorf in Luleå / Sweden in 1999, THE DUSKFALL emerged from the ashes of the legendary but short-lived Melodic-Death act GATES OF ISHTAR. Early on in their career THE DUSKFALL had to suffer from a number of line-up changes and technical problems when both Tommi Konu (Bass) and Urban Carlsson (Drums) had to leave the band. After months of searching an old friend from GATES OF ISHTAR, Oskar Karlsson, came to rescue as a drummer while Kaj Molin replaced Tommi on the bass. Finally all seemed in place with a full line-up and by the summer of 2001 their first demo entitled "Deliverance" was ready.

In spring 2002 THE DUSKFALL finally released their highly acclaimed debut CD, "Frailty", produced by Daniel Bergstrand. After the CD was released it was time to give another touch to the line-up when Joachim Lindbäck joined the band on guitars. Once the change was dealt with the band started focusing on writing new songs for their second CD, recorded once again at Daniel Bergstrand`s Dug Out Studios and entitled "Source" (released in Dec 2003). The responses from the medias were excellent as the band projected their music forward by returning to a more distinct sound and reclaiming their own roots.

After the release of "Source" the curse struck again as Kaj and Joachim also decided to leave to band to focus on other things in life. This was a major setback but the band got help from Antti Lindholm on guitars and Marco Eronen on bass. Both are now fulltime members of the DUSKFALL family.

THE DUSKFALL have just recently supported SLAYER and ANTHRAX on a several shows and will return soon to a stage near you….


01. Case Closed
02. Striving To Have Nothing
03. The Grand Scheme
04. Source
05. Not A Good Sign
06. Guidance
07. Lead Astray
08. The Destroyer






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