One Man Army And The Undead Quartet -《21st Century Killing Machine》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名21st Century Killing Machine

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专辑名称: 21st Century Killing Machine
专辑歌手: One Man Army And The Undead Quartet
发行日期: 2006-04-04
专辑语种: 英语
专辑类型: Death Metal,Trash Metal
唱片公司: Nuclear Blast Americ
压缩比率: 320kbps


瑞典死亡敲击金属乐队THE CROWN的前主唱Johan Lindstrand在离团后自己组了一个"One Man Army And The Undead Quartet"。乐队的风格和以前没有太大的出入,还是保持着Death Trash的路线。今天发的4支乐队有3支是瑞典的,都是在4月4日同一天发碟,其中还有2支都是前THE CROWN的队员组的新团,希望大家能够喜欢。

One Man Army And The Undead Quartet

Vocal : Johan Lindstrand (ex THE CROWN)
Lead Guiter : Mikael Lagerblad
Rhythm Guiter : Pekka Kiviaho (ex PERSUADER?)
Bass : Valle Adzic (of IMPIOUS)
Drum : Marek Dobrowolski (of RECLUSION)

Seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come, one can only wonder why humanity continues to fear it. After the demise of Swedish death thrashers The Crown in March 2004, vocalist Johan Lindstrand refused the death sentence and pledged to return to frontline action to continue his legacy as a performer and frontman.

Entering Deadline Studio and working with Impious guitarist Valle Adzic as engineer, ONE MAN ARMY & THE UNDEAD QUARTET became a reality by December’s end in 2004. The six-track “When Hatred Comes To Life” demo – which featured Lindstrand on vocals & rhythm guitar; Adzic on bass; Mikael Lagerblad on lead guitar; and Fredrik Bergqvist on drums - was recorded, but in order for the band to play live, tour, and secure a recording contract, additional members would be necessary. First to be recruited was rhythm guitarist Pekka Kiviaho, who quickly recommended Reclusion drummer Marek Dobrowolski. Their line-up now completed, the next natural step was to submit the demo to gauge label interest. Nuclear Blast made the most serious offer, then requested the help of Achim Koehler (Pungent Stench, Primal Fear, Sinner) at Indiscreet Studio to master a limited edition, four-song version of OMA&TUQ’s When Hatred Comes To Life EP, which was released throughout Europe in May 2005. It was no shock to see the mounting interest in this valiant band.

Booking time at Bohus Sound Studios in Gothenberg, Sweden in September 2005 with engineers Joe Core and Dragan Tanaskovic (Evergrey), OMA&TUQ recorded twelve songs while Lindstrand recorded vocals once again with Adzic at Deadline. “The beast is rising / 21st Century killing machine / a terror from below / unchained, awake, and ready to kill…” proclaimed the first words off the album, mercilessly led by the type of vocals, stated Metal Hammer, “that could skin a boar with a mere grunt.” True heavyweights that do justice to their Swedish musical heritage, 21st Century Killing Machine etches OMA&TUQ’s name in the annals of metal’s history books with opening track “Killing Machine,” the sinful groove of “Devil On The Red Carpet,” the violent blasts in “Bulldozer Frenzy,” and the mid-tempo evil of “Hell Is For Heroes.” In addition to Kerrang! Magazine’s 4-K review, Terrorizer proclaims the debut album to be “a thick, monolithic slab of extreme(ly) accessible metal with unexpected blasts of frenzied speed to violently shake listeners from their reverie.”

Prior to launching a seven-week European tour for 21st Century Killing Machine (which took them to 17 countries to perform 41 shows) with Children Of Bodom and label mates Ektomorf, Adzic bowed out of bass duties and was replaced by Robert Axelsson, who was quickly introduced to a steady diet of burgers and relegated to sharing underwear with his new bandmates. If the band’s maiden tour is any indication, what else does the future hold for OMA&TUQ? For starters, The Neckbreakers Ball tour through Europe with Hypocrisy, Soilwork, Amorphis, & Scar Symmetry, and upcoming summer appearances at the [内容被过滤,请注意论坛文明] Easter, Rock Hard, Metal Camp, Summer Breeze, and Up From The Ground festivals.

You can never kill what doesn’t die, and musicians worth their weight in talent can never be barred from a legacy of music they helped refine – especially when it comes to a favored son with a voice of bellowing thunder who shows no signs that he fears death’s arrival.


1. Killing Machine
2. Devil On The Red Carpet
3. Public Enemy No. 1
4. No Apparent Motive
5. Hell Is For Heroes
6. When Hatred Comes To Life
7. So Grim So True So Real
8. Behind The Church
9. Branded By Iron
10. Bulldozer Frenzy
11 .The Sweetness of Black
12 .Mary's Raising the Dead







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