Machinemade God -《The Infinity Complex》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名The Infinity Complex

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专辑名称: The Infinity Complex
专辑歌手: Machinemade God
发行日期: 2006-03-21
专辑语种: 英语
专辑类型: Metalcore,Heavey Metal
唱片公司: Metal Blade
压缩比率: 320kbps


乐队来自欧洲人口最密集的地区,德国的Rhein-Ruhr地区,这一地区曾经孕育出很多优秀的硬核乐队。乐队成立于2003年,当时乐队凭借充沛的精力经常在Metal和Hardcore的现场演出中出现。足迹遍布整个欧洲,和其共同演出的乐队包括Caliban, God Forbid, Heaven Shall Burn, Cataract, Born From Pain 和 As I Lay Dying这些现在的大牌乐队,这些都使乐队成为最有希望的新军。

2004年乐队自主发行了一张小样,之后就被认为是最有发展前途的乐队之一。2005年,乐队远行丹麦录制他们的第一张专辑 The Infinity Complex ,并由Metal Blade于今年3月发行。

MACHINEMADE GOD is a five-piece hailing from the Rhine/Ruhr-area in Germany. Formed in early 2003, MACHINEMADE GOD have been able to showcase their energetic stage performance supporting numerous renowned national and international acts from both the Metal and HC genres (e.g. God Forbid, Caliban, Heaven Shall Burn, As I Lay Dying, etc…).

After releasing just one demo, MACHINEMADE GOD went to Denmark to record their much anticipated debut album titled “The Infinity Complex” in April/May 2005. For producer they chose no one less than Jacob Bredahl of Hatesphere, knowing he was the right person to achieve the uncompromising sound they were aiming for. His mixing expertise, combined with the mastering skills of Ziggy at ZigZound Studios, made this effort one hell of a brutal metal record.

Comments from the band about their signing with Metal Blade Records: “It’s hard to put into words what we’re feeling and thinking right now. This deal is of a caliber that you don’t just acknowledge and move on with your life. In fact, it has sweeped us pretty much off of our feet.

One thing is for sure, we are very excited about working with these guys because they have welcomed us with open arms and have made us feel extremely comfortable right from the start.

We are honored being from now on considered a part of the Metal Blade family. In return, we believe that Metal Blade is the right partner on our side to evolve as a band and give us the support and possibilities that we’re looking for from a label. Once again, we’re very excited about the future and are glad that we have found a home!”

Flo Velten – vocals
Holger Kiparski – guitar
Sky Hoff – guitar
Sven Luppus- bass
Max Kotzmann - drums


01. Teeth vs Curb
02. Losses To Lessons
03. Bleeding From Within
04. Downpour Of Emptiness
05. Friendster Is Sooo 2 Month Ago
06. Kiss Me Now Kill Me Later
07. Butterfly Coma
08. Your Own Fault
09. Forever Gone
10. Injected Smiles
11. Angel Wings
12. Fxxk Your Dead Heart
13. Snow White







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