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中文名Apple Service Training 2005
版本Mac 教程

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除了 DIY 和授权外的维修,任何想得到APPLE授权的维修都必须通过认证,认证由APPLE公司负责。现在,个人服务想进行更多的复杂的维修,就必须雇佣更多的APPLE认证的技术人员。其主页中有表格是 Apple Service Training 的要求 for Self-Servicing Accounts.



Apple's Self-Servicing Account (SSA) program is designed for institutions and businesses that want the convenience of repairing their own products. Self-Servicing Accounts must have an installed base of at least 50 Apple computers, are permitted to repair only the products they own, and may not perform repair work for third parties.

Qualified institutions (education, government, and non-profit organizations) and businesses that fulfill the minimum requirements of the program can use Apple's online systems to quickly and easily accomplish the following:

Obtain genuine, Apple-certified, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) parts, which are customer installable and typically include replacement keyboards, mice, power cables, memory, and modem cables
Directly initiate repairs performed by Apple or an Apple Service Provider
Order parts for out-of-warranty repairs, stock on hand, or fulfillment
In addition, Self-Servicing Accounts that maintain Apple-qualified or Apple-certified technicians on staff can perform more intricate repairs. Program requirements and benefits are described in more detail below.

Requirements and BenefitsApple authorizes, solely at its discretion, qualified institutions and businesses to participate in the Self-Servicing Account program.

At a minimum, all Self-Servicing Accounts must:

Have an installed base of at least 50 Apple products that are less than five years old
Maintain a Service Terms account with Apple, which is used when placing service orders and is separate from any Finished Goods account or other purchasing agreement
Use only genuine Apple service parts and modules purchased from Apple when repairing products covered by Apple's Limited Warranty, AppleCare Protection Plan, or AppleCare extended service agreements
Limit their repair work on Apple products to the units they own
Maintain resources to manage the administration of Apple service processes and procedures
Organizations that meet the minimum program requirements can:

Order genuine, Apple-certified DIY parts and parts for out-of-warranty repairs using Apple's online Global Service Exchange (GSX) system, which provides automatic product and pricing updates, online order validation, immediate order confirmation and estimated ship date
Access comprehensive, online product information, training, repair procedures, troubleshooting, and diagnostic tools
Use GSX to directly initiate repairs performed by Apple or an Apple Service Provider
Use GSX to order parts for stock on hand and to place fulfillment orders for lost, missing or damaged new product manuals and/or media items
Contact Apple's Service Provider Support for administrative help, including order status, billing questions, and warranty claim reconciliation
Institutions and businesses seeking to perform more intricate repairs than DIY must also fulfill the following requirements:

Have a large installed base (typically 300 or more Apple products)
Maintain at least one Apple authorized service location as described below that complies with Apple's standards and local health and safety regulations
Employ at all times one or more Apple-qualified or Apple-certified technicians who are directly responsible for Apple product repairs
Ensure that technicians fulfill Apple's annual service recertification requirements
Upon fulfilling the additional program requirements listed above, Self-Servicing Accounts can:

Obtain genuine Apple service parts, enabling them to perform all covered, non-covered, and out-of-warranty repairs on the Apple products owned by their organization
Manage the quality and time of the entire repair process, including troubleshooting, diagnosing, repairing, verifying, and returning products to Apple
Perform repairs on a module-exchange basis to limit down time
Access Apple's Technical Service Provider Support resources to troubleshoot difficult repairs
Authorized Service LocationsAuthorized service locations are defined as locations where Apple authorizes Self-Servicing Accounts to repair their own Apple products. Authorized service locations are permanent repair facilities that meet Apple standards for performing diagnostics, repairs, modifications, alterations and upgrades on Apple hardware products. Authorized service locations must include at least one Apple-qualified or Apple-certified technician who is directly responsible for Apple product repairs performed by the Self-Servicing Account.

Apple Service Tools and InformationAdditional program features include online access to the following service tools and information:

AppleCare Service Source
Self-Paced Training Materials
New Provider Preparedness
Note: These features are subject to change or discontinuance at any time.

AppleCare Service Source provides online access to comprehensive troubleshooting and repair information on Apple products, including:

Service Manuals
Apple Knowledge Base
Apple Service Program Manual
Macintosh Family Diagnostics
AppleCare Service News
Direct Support via web chat with Apple technical support
GSX online tool for service, repair and order management
Self-Paced Training Materials are provided online without additional charge to all Self-Servicing Accounts. This training is accessed via GSX and includes:

Desktop Products
Portable Products
Server Products
Mac OS
New Product Training
New Provider Preparedness, which begins approximately 7-10 business days after receiving written confirmation that Apple has approved your Self-Servicing Account Agreement, ensures that your organization has a clear understanding of service policies and procedures. An Apple New Provider Preparedness specialist contacts newly authorized Self-Servicing Accounts to initiate this process.

System Requirements

To access Apple service information and resources, you must have Internet access either through an Internet Service Provider or LAN/WAN connection, and an Apple Macintosh computer with Mac OS X and Safari v1.2 (or later) or a PC with Windows 2000 or XP and Internet Explorer 6.x.

Apple Service TrainingWith the exception of DIY and out-of-warranty repairs, anyone performing an Apple warranty repair is required to be either qualified or certified by Apple for the products being repaired. As noted earlier, Self-Servicing Accounts seeking to perform more intricate repairs than DIY must employ one or more Apple-qualified or Apple-certified technicians. The table below summarizes the Apple Service Training requirements for Self-Servicing Accounts.

Apple Service Training Mac OS Service &
Support Certification Apple Service
Qualification Apple Service
Do-It-Yourself and out-of-warranty repairs Recommended – –
Apple-qualified technician authorized to
repair a particular product line Required Required –
Apple-certified technician authorized to repair a category of products Required – Required

Apple-Qualified Technician

Technicians can become qualified by Apple to repair a particular product line, such as iBook computers, by obtaining the proper Apple service qualification. Apple service qualifications include:

Apple Qualified iBook Technician
Apple Qualified PowerBook Technician
Apple Qualified Consumer Desktop Technician, with or without CRT qualification
Apple Qualified Prosumer Desktop Technician
Apple Qualified Server Technician
Note: Apple service qualification training and exams are currently in development and expected to become available in October 2005.

Apple-Certified Technician

Technicians can become certified by Apple to repair a category of products, such as desktop computers, by obtaining the proper Apple service certification. Apple service certifications include:

Apple Certified Desktop Technician
Apple Certified Portable Technician
Each certification requires passing a hardware and a software (Mac OS) exam. Technicians who decide to pursue multiple service certifications need not take two Mac OS exams; the same Mac OS exam meets the requirement for all certifications.

Up-to-date information on becoming an Apple-qualified or Apple-certified technician is available here.

Additional InformationFor more information about Apple's Self-Servicing Account program, contact your Apple Account Executive:

Phone the Apple Store for Education at 1-800-800-2775 to find your local Apple Education representative
Phone the Apple Store for Business at 1-800-854-3680 to find your local Apple Business or Government representative
You can also email your questions to selfservicing@group.apple.com. Responses are provided in 3-5 business days. Please do not use this email address for technical support, as a response will not be provided.

To apply for the Self-Servicing Account program, discuss your organization's service needs and capabilities with your Apple Account Executive to determine whether the program is right for your organization. If you conclude that the Self-Servicing Account program is appropriate, click the button below to submit an application.






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