Stutterfly -《We Are Bled Of Color》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名We Are Bled Of Color

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Having heard Stutterfly's 2002 album "Broken In Pieces", I can honestly say I was never that impressed with these guys. To be honest they sounded like a tired nu-metal band that was attempting to come into the music business when the genre was dull and played out. However much has changed between the last album, and 2005's "And We Are Bled Of Color", most notably the band's signing to Maverick Records. While Stutterfly seems to be marketed as a "screamo" band, I would hardly agree with that term or classification. Stutterfly actually offers a unique and fresh sounding album among their peers, who all seem to be going for the same thing right now.

The thing about Stutterfly is you can't really categorize them. They don't fit into any genre really. Most have seemed to label them as "screamo", which I honestly don't see why. Yea they sing and scream a bit, but screamo is more like pop-punk with random screaming, and Stutterfly is far from that. They blend emotional hard rock, with heavy metal influences into a pretty cohesive sound that can be just as devasting as beautiful. "Dead Eyes", the album's opening track, is the essential song to get you into the band. Right away you'll notice the grasping melodies coupled with raging screams that can go back and forth, and the many dual (sometimes triple) vocal moments, as well as the band's tight sound. Songs can range from heavy ones like "Bury Me (The Scarlet Path)" and "Flames Adorn The Silence" to lighter melodic pieces like "Fire Whispers" and "Silent Scream", all of which are great. Stutterfly even offers a couple breakdowns which was highly surprising to me. Some songs from their previous cd have been re-recorded on this one ("Gun In Hand", "Silent Scream", "Flames Adorn The Silence") and are much better on this record. The thing is that their sound is just so addicting you find yourself singing along and loving every moment.

However even though Stutterfly has a unique sound and quite a number of good songs, the albums still has a couple rough edges. Some songs just don't do it for me at all. There's about 2 or 3 slow useless songs here and there that seem to slow down the record. They would have been better off leaving those off the cd, and maybe adding another song like "Bury Me" to it. That's another thing about the cd. 13 tracks now adays is a bit too many. I don't know why, but the cd seems to start to lag on near the end. Personally I think 10 or 11 (no more than 12) is the perfect amount of songs for a cd, and about 35:00-40:00 playtime. Lyrical topics aren't so hot at points either and some song names are laughable at times, but most of that can be overlooked due to the bands excellent sound.

Overall Stutterfly's "And We Are Bled Of Color" is an enjoyable listen. They really do have a unique sound in today's music world which is not comparable to any other band right now. That is worth some merit. They are still young, so it doesn't surprise me this album isn't perfect. This is still a young band that has plenty of time and opportunity to grow, and I'd like to see what they have to offer in the future. Until then I would recommend their latest to all fans of rock or metal. You might be surprised when you find something to like. Give it a chance


1. Dead Eyes
2. Where Angels Fell
3. Gun in Hand
4. Fire Whispers
5. Bury Me (The Scarlet Path)
6. Silent Scream
7. Burnt Memories
8. Breath
9. Formula of Flesh
10. Sun Bleeds Red
11. Shallow Reasons
12. Life's Disease
13. Flames Adorn the Silence






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