Kelly Sweet -《We Are One》[MP3!]


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专辑中文名We Are One
歌手Kelly Sweet

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kelly sweet的风格很象刚出道的Mariah Carey,象初春的阳光懒洋洋的甚是温暖。刚刚18岁时,凯利甜演出500多场音乐会,因她的风格适合各年龄,以至场场暴满。虽然年轻的她但经验老到能几国的语言,所以以她惊人的水平赢得的观众,赢得了很多名人的捧场。

这张专辑并不是平常被定义的那种流行音乐专辑,但WE ARE ONE 却比当今广播单曲榜前40名的歌曲更富有感召力。这张专辑的语言包括英语,意大利语、法语、梵语,并且加入了爵士和古典等元素,因此,它拥有在当今流行乐坛少见的深度和高雅。优雅的“Giorno Dopo Giorno”(意:日复一日),伴随着让人陶醉的管弦乐,带给听众一种通常只能在世界上最好的歌剧院才能够感体会到的感受。Sweet说,“这首歌原本是用英语创作的,歌名是‘Who Can I Believe In?’,但我们觉得这首歌的旋律太过于欧化,跟歌词的搭配起来效果不是很好,于是我们请来曾经为Josh Groban 写过意大利歌词的Marco Marinangelli, 将这首歌翻译成意大利语,歌词出来的感觉实在是太美了。”

WE ARE ONE是一次珍贵的音乐旅程--它的美丽、优雅、个性和勇气所诠释出的情感,深深地触碰着每一个年龄阶段的听众。“音乐并不是属于我个人”,她说,“而是我们所有人心灵的写照,我很高兴可以用自己的声音将这些美好的事物传达给全世界”。


Not your typical pop record in any way, shape or form, WE ARE ONE has a much more ambitious sensibility than those being heard on Top 40 radio today. With songs sung in English, Italian, French, and Sanskrit, and melodies that partake of both jazz and classical influences, WE ARE ONE conveys a sense of depth, intimacy and sophistication not often heard in today's pop landscape. The magnificent "Giorno Dopo Giorno" couples Sweet's soaring vocals with a thrilling string arrangement, bringing listeners the kind of intense joy that can usually only be experienced in the world's finest opera houses. "The song originally had English lyrics," says Sweet, "and it was called `Who Can I Believe In?' We felt that the melody was too European and didn't work with the lyrics, so we asked Marco Marinangelli, who writes Italian lyrics for Josh Groban, to translate the words into Italian. It came out beautifully." Sweet says she has always gravitated to the beautiful sounds of languages other than English. "I was classically trained beginning at the age of 11," she says, "and that's when I began to sing in other languages. It always came very easily to me."

WE ARE ONE, then, is that rarest of musical experiences--a seamless emotional journey that deeply touches listeners of all ages with its beauty, grace, individuality, and courage. But perhaps to call Sweet courageous is overstating something that is really much simpler. "This music is not about me," she says. "It's about the soul in all of us. I am just happy to have a voice to convey these things to the world."

And the world is certainly a better place because of it.


01. We Are One
02. Raincoat
03. Dream On
04. Caresse Sur L'Ocean
05. Crush
06. Ready For Love
07. Giorno Dopo Giorno
08. I Will Be Waiting
09. Now We Are Free
10. How 'bout You
11. Love Song
12. Je T'Aime






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