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专辑中文名The Day Has Come
版本分轨 [FLAC]

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熟悉我的朋友都知道,我就是喜欢种类型的:年轻、有活力,高亢有力的声音,能创作、能弹奏,长得漂亮。Cheyenne Kimball 今年16岁,符合所有以上的特点。在一次淘碟过程中,这张封面一下就吸引了我。于是今天带来了无损。

Cheyenne 这个名字有些奇怪,我问了我的好多同学都不会读,自己查了字典,才知道读作/ʃai'en/。


Santa Monica, CA, April 26, 2006 – MTV announced today that it will premiere “Cheyenne” on Wednesday, May 31st at 10:30PM ET/PT, immediately following the highly anticipated premiere of “The Hills.” In this latest reality series, MTV cameras will capture the daily routine of one girl, Cheyenne Kimball, as she tries to make it in the music industry at the young age of 15 years old.

"Without question, Cheyenne has everything it takes to succeed in the music industry," says Lois Curren, Executive Vice President, MTV Series Entertainment. "The MTV audience will have a front row seat to all the struggles and triumphs faced by Cheyenne in her quest to be music's next big star."

“Cheyenne was born to be in this business,” said Rod Aissa, Senior Vice President, Talent Series Development for MTV, MTV2, mtvU and MTV Films. "She has a natural talent for singing and songwriting and her innocence and excitement show through as she embarks on this next phase of her life.”

MTV’s Cheyenne will chronicle the daily drama that unfolds as Cheyenne makes the transition from small-town girl to big-time rock-star. Cheyenne Kimball is a typical teenager. She loves to shop, is boy crazy, whines about how strict her parents are, hates homework, and is counting the days until she gets her driver’s license. But there is one thing that makes Cheyenne different -- she is on the verge of becoming a rock-star.

When she was eight, she started booking herself at local Little Elm, Texas nightclubs and at twelve she won America’s Most Talented Kid. Now at fifteen, Cheyenne’s debut album, “The Day Has Come,” will be released on July 11th and her first single, “Hanging On,” which is also the theme song for her series, will go to pop radio on May 16th. With upcoming photo shoots, interviews and shows, its clear Cheyenne’s life is about to change forever and the Kimball family realizes it’s time to pack up and head out to Los Angeles. Shannon, Cheyenne’s Mom and Manager, is both the voice of reason and hysterics. Brett, Cheyenne’s Dad, just tries to get through the day and keep everybody calm. But raising a teenager is hard enough, let alone one who is on the verge of becoming famous.


01. Intro
02. I Want To
03. Hanging On
04. One Original Thing
05. The Day Has Come
06. Four Walls
07. Hello Goodbye
08. Good Go Bad
09. Everythign To Lose
10. Breaking Your Heart
11. Mr. Beautiful
12. Didn't I
13. Full Circle






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