Eliza Gilkyson -《Paradise Hotel》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Paradise Hotel

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专辑名称: Paradise Hotel
专辑歌手: Eliza Gilkyson
发行日期: 2005.08.09
专辑语种: 英语
专辑类型: Folk-Rock
唱片公司: Red House
压缩比率: CBR 224K


Eliza Gilkyson拥有很好的音乐环境,她的父亲Terry Gilkyson是三、四十年代很有名的民谣歌手,在她年轻的时候,就在她爸爸的唱片中献声,并且为迪士尼演唱过动画主题曲。她的兄长是他音乐上的伙伴,后来成为她的演出乐手。从小的音乐培养和民谣带给她的熏陶,使她拥有了对民谣深刻的理解力和表达力,并凭借04年的唱片Land of Milk and Honey获得了葛莱美奖的提名。

Warm reflections, strong convictions, and spiritual grace inform the veteran Texas-based troubadour Eliza Gilkyson's latest, Paradise Hotel. Offerings are even more eclectic than usual, with the Spanish-sung border balladry of "Bellarosa," a surprise cover of World Party's "Is It Like Today," and the hymn-like original "Requiem" extending Gilkyson's interpretive range. She sticks closer to straightforward country on "Calm Before the Storm" (with vocal harmony from Shawn Colvin) and the album-opening "Borderline," while returning to her folk roots on "Jedidiah 1777" and the title track (though the latter finds her humming a coda that evokes Bach or Procol Harum, depending on the listener's frame of reference). The album's most powerful track, "Man of God," represents Gilkyson's strongest political statement to date, an indictment of religious hypocrisy that uses Christianity to justify war, with Colvin, Marcia Ball, Slaid Cleaves, and Ray Wylie Hubbard among those offering chorus support.

Paradise Hotel is Eliza Gilkyson's fourth release on the Red House label and follows her 2004 Grammy nominated and critically lauded "Land of Milk and Honey." Her most personal album to date, it features songs that artfully reveal the roots of her progressive patriotism, comment on the direction our world is headed and peel back the thin layers obscuring the heart of what matters in these complex times.

One of the CD's most powerful tracks, "Jedidiah 1777," tells of Gilkyson's ancestral grandfather, Brigadier General Jedidiah Huntington, who fought alongside George Washington in the Revolutionary War. Based on a stirring collection of actual correspondence sent by General Huntington from the battlefield to his father and brothers (also enlisted in the army and equally committed to the cause), the song directly quotes the letters in its lyrics.

Shifting her focus from past to present, the song "Man of God" is a scathing indictment of the current administration's use of religion to manipulate the public. The song is driven by her brother Tony Gilkyson's (of L.A. punk band "X") rattlesnake of a guitar solo and a chorus of vocal support from an all-star Austin cast including Ray Wylie Hubbard, Slaid Cleaves, Marcia Ball, Shawn Colvin, Anna Egge, Jeff Plankenhorn and others.

The title track, "Paradise Hotel," is an atmospheric journey down the winding roads of human experience led by Mike Hardwick's haunting guitar. Other highlights include an infectious cover of World Party's "Is It Like Today," a honky-tonk duet with Shawn Colvin on "Calm Before The Storm," and "Requiem," a soothing invocation of compassion that was written in response to the 2004 tsunami devastation.


01. Borderline
02. Paradise Hotel
03. Man Of God
04. Jedidiah 1777
05. Bellarosa
06. Think About You
07. Is It Like Today
08. Calm Before The Storm
09. Requiem
10. When You Walk On






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