Copeland -《Beneath Medicine Tree》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Beneath Medicine Tree

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Jon Bucklew – drums
Bryan Laurenson – guitars, piano
James Likeness – bass, backing vocals
Aaron Marsh – vocals, guitars, mellotron, organ, piano

Copeland 组建于2000年,是一支来自美国Florida州的乐队。现主要在Georgia州活动,音乐风格PUNK,签约于独立厂牌Militia Group。

“天使般的声音”—— Militia Group官方网站上如此评价Marsh的嗓音。一个男人的声音被说成像天使。。。不过Marsh声音性别并不模糊,相反,刚气十足,也不乏激情,只能说他的声线清新纯净。Copeland2003年发行第一张专集“Beneath Medicine Tree”,2005年推出第二张“In Motion”。

Jon Bucklew - drums Bryan Laurenson - guitars, piano James Likeness - bass, backing vocals Aaron Marsh - vocals, guitars, mellotron, organ, piano

"Strip away all the fluff. Does the song still speak the same way when performed with just a voice and a single piano or single guitar?" This is Copeland’s test of a well written song. Lead vocalist and principal songwriter, Aaron Marsh was bred in the diverse Florida music scene where he started the band with his close friend, bassist James Likeness. During their search to finish off the line-up, Aaron found a kindred spirit in Maryland native guitarist Bryan Laurenson, with a mutual appreciation of quality pop melodies to push his writing to new levels. With a concerted effort to weave memorable melodies with insightful lyrics, the band began crafting their intelligent brand of anthemic pop songs in 2000.

Atlanta producer, Matt Goldman engineered Copeland’s first release in late 2000. This split EP with glam pop band Pacifico, not only earned Copeland some music industry attention, but also their first national audience in the form of a half dozen small East Coast US tours. For that first year, the band excitedly played in any venue that would have them, for whoever wanted to listen. This deep appreciation for their supporters has stuck with them as they’ve begun to see bigger tours.

In the summer of 2002, Copeland signed a record deal with So-Cal independent label The Militia Group and started making plans to focus on the band full time. The band felt it was in need of a fresh start in a new scene. They relocated to Atlanta in the fall. This location seemed more conducive to full time touring and closer to producer Matt Goldman’s studio where they would start a 2 month recording session for their debut full length album.

The fruit of those two months was their acclaimed opus entitled "Beneath Medicine Tree." Tragically beautiful, and emotionally charged with themes of love, loss, and hope, the album delighted Copeland’s small existing following and earned the band a quickly growing audience. Copeland hit the road with a rigorous tour schedule, hopping from one tour to another with the likes of Switchfoot, The Juliana Theory, The Early November, Hopesfall, Mae, and countless others. They stayed on tour for an exhausting 15 months, playing over 400 shows in that time, but not just playing music every night. Every different city became a chance to meet a new group of kids at the show. Whether playing 4-square in front of the venue, eating dinner after the show, or hanging out at the merchandise table talking about music, Copeland was always excited to turn their fans into their friends.

In December of 2003, during a short break from the road, Copeland took a week to record a covers EP to be released before they begin work on their follow-up to "Beneath Medicine Tree." Aaron said about the EP, "We wanted to give our supporters something to listen to while we worked on another record. We knew it might take us a while and we didn’t want everyone to forget about us. These were all songs that we grew up listening to that we thought we could bring something new to." The EP, entitled "Know Nothing Stays the Same," features Copeland’s renditions of songs by Stevie Wonder, Carly Simon, Phil Collins, Berlin, and Billy Joel and is due out August 10, 2004.

Copeland is hard at work on a new batch of songs and will return to Matt Goldman’s studio in Atlanta to work on their anticipated sophomore full-length in September 2004. The newest addition to Copeland, drummer, and long-time friend Jon Bucklew, whose natural groove and creative sense will surely bring a new dimension to Copeland’s sound as they craft their new songs. However, the initial rule will still apply. "Strip away all the fluff.


01. Brightest
02. Testing The Strong Ones
03. Priceless
04. Take Care
05. When Paula Sparks
06. California
07. She Changes Your Mind
08. There Cannot Be A Close Second
09. Coffee
10. Walking Downtown
11. When Finally Set Free







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