James Brown -《Star Time》Box Set[APE]

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专辑中文名Star Time
歌手James Brown
版本Box Set

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专辑名称: Star Time
专辑歌手: James Brown
发行日期: 1991年
专辑语种: 英语
专辑类型: Soul/Funk/Disco





Disc One covers Brown's early R&B years, when his pleading intensity helped lay the groundwork for soul music.

Disc Two, however, is where his genius truly crystallizes — it basically chronicles the birth of funk, as Brown gradually discards song structure in favor of working hard grooves; it also offers a picture of Brown's emergence as a bandleader and spokesman for black pride.

Disc Three features Brown's hardest funk, including his much-revered material with the Bootsy Collins band.

Disc Four traces Brown's later creative decline, yet he duplicated his former glories often enough to make this disc a surprisingly solid listen; plus, his massive impact on hip-hop is underlined on the last track, the Afrika Bambaataa duet "Unity."



CD 1:Mr.Dynamite

01. Please Please Please
02. Why Do You Do Me
03. Try me
04. Tell Me What I Did Wrong
05. Bewildered
06. Good Good Lovin'
07. I'll Go Crazy
08. I Know It's True
09. (Do The) Mashed Potatoes, Pt.1
10. Think
11. Baby, You're Right
12. Lost Someone
13. Night Train
14. I've Got Money
15. I Don't Mind (Live)
16. Prisoner Of Love
17. Devil's Den
18. Out Of The Blue
19. Out Of Sight
20. Grits
21. Maybe The Last Time
22. It's A man's World
23. I Got You
24. Papa's Got A Brand New bag, Pts.1,2&3

CD 2:The Hardest Working Man In Show Business

01. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, Pt.1
02. I Got You (I Feel Good)
03. Ain't That A Groove
04. It's A Man's Man's Man's World
05. Money Won't Change You
06. Don't Be A Dropout
07. Bring It Up (Hipster's Avenue)
08. Let Yourself Go
09. Cold Sweat
10. Get It Together
11. I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me), Pt.1
12. I Got The Feelin'
13. Licking Stick-Licking Stick
14. Say It Loud I'm Balck And I'm Proud, Pt.1
15. There Was A Time (Live)
16. Give It Up Or Turn It A Loose
17. I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing

CD 3:Soul Brother No.1

01. Mother Popcorn
02. Funky Drummer
03. Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine
04. Super Bad, Pts.1&2
05. Talkin' Loud & Sayin' Nothing
06. Get Up, Get Into It And Get Involved
07. Soul Power, Pts.1&2
08. Brother Rapp/Ain't It Funky Now (Live)
09. Hot Pants, Pt.1
10. I'm A Greedy Man, Pt.1
11. Make It Funky, Pt.1
12. It's A New Day (Live)
13. I Got Ants In My Pants
14. King Heroin

CD 4:The Godfather Of Soul

01. There It Is, Pt.1
02. Public Enemy #1, Pt.1
03. Get On The Good Foot
04. I Got A Bag Of My Own
05. Doing To The Death
06. The Payback
07. Papa Don't Take No Mess, Pt.1
08. Stoned To The Bone, Pt.1
09. My Thang
10. Funky President (People It's Bad)
11. Hot (I Need To Be Loved, Loved, Loved)
12. Get Up Offa Taht Thing (Release The Pressure)
13. Body Heat, Pt.1
14. It's Too Funky In Here
15. Rapp Payback (Where Iz Moses)
16. Unity, Pt.1






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