Taarma -《Remnants of a Tormenting Black Shadow》[Mp3]+[Flac]

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专辑中文名Remnants of a Tormenting Black Shadow

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来自巴基斯坦(阿富汗。。。人还忙着咧)的黑金属让人感觉到不平常,充满好奇。来自Jogezai中的黑暗的单人团Taarma(Jogezai is a Pashtun tribe settled in Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as India. The majority of the Jogezais live in the valley of Zhob.).浩瀚的山群,渺无人烟,用憎恨的声音描述着”nonexistent”.失真的音色,处理而重的嗓音,模糊的鼓机声联想到Xasthur.(甚至封面)。

To see that a black metal band (or any band for that matter) hails from Afghanistan is certainly a curious and uncommon occurrence, and indeed "Black Emperor Jogezai" - the lone member of Taarma - indicates that this music is otherwise "nonexistent" in said locale, referring to his homeland as "the vast, mountainous region of Balochistan(巴基斯坦,俾路支省), a land unfamiliar to the hateful sounds of the genre". And in the case of "Remnants of a Tormenting Black Shadow", the project's full-length debut, those "hateful sounds" are driven in large part by dense walls of ringing distortion and heavily treated vocals over distant drum machines - all fusing together into one large mass of sound that's aesthetically somewhat comparable to Xasthur (making it no great surprise that a cover of Xasthur's "Doomed by Howling Winds" closes the disc). While I wouldn't mind hearing a hint more definition to some of the guitar work in terms of the recording (which would highlight some of the strongest riffs that start to peek through on occasion), the overall feeling generated by the album is a successful one, and there's a general consistency to the tones and the mixing that works well whether the compositions are heading down the more acerbic path or taking brief forays into murky dark ambient undercurrents and reverberating clean guitars. I don't want to ride the Xasthur comparison too heavily, but I will point out that I honestly feel that Taarma demonstrates a stronger sense of control over the clashing dissonance created when all of the elements basically morph into an intentionally loose, somewhat chaotic mass, and that really makes a huge difference to me in terms of communicating a tortured, somber sense of emotion that matches the overall atmosphere of the lyrics, etc.

Visions of sorrow and desolation I have witnessed in the doom of eastern winters, my thoughts are frozen, I have become numb to life, only my black hate reflects upon cursed memories of light, my final breath of life, wolves weep beneath the winter moon, storms gather, the winds are screaming beneath the winter moon…

Nicely done. There's room for improvement of course, but this is an interesting debut, and given the nature of the project's surroundings there's an added sense of intrigue and authenticity both in terms of the tone of the lyrical content as well as the rawness of the sound quality.——摘自网络….转发资源:本资源搜索自网络


1. Voices in the Wind
2. Bleeding in Utter Solitude and Loss
3. Sea of Blood
4. Grey Earth and a Dead Sun
5. Kafan (Part I)
6. Kafan (Part II)
7. Beneath the Winter Moon
8. Apparition of Misery
9. Doomed by Howling Winds







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