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中文名精通MAYA 7

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Mastering Maya 7 Training DVD 《精通Maya 7》:

Maya独特的魅力吸引了众多的3D爱好者, 但另一方面也使得节目的制作越发显得复杂和深奥。值得高兴的是《精通 Maya 7》教程将助你一臂之力。本视频教程分享CG业界设计专家的Maya设计经验以设计花絮,以及商业动画作品等。值得大家的学习研究。


The mystique of Maya has many animators buying this 3D application, but then quickly becoming overwhelmed by the complexity and depth of the program. Fortunately Mastering Maya 7 is there to help you out.

For the beginner, Mastering Maya 7 is an excellent book. It teaches the basics of Maya 7 and then some. Unlike other books that simply walk you through the feature sets of an application,, the strongest part of Mastering Maya 7 is it gives the reader a look at a 3D digital production from beginning to end.

Mastering Maya 7 starts the reader off by introducing them to the interface and what each window encompasses and where it is located. Immediately after this chapter, the reader is thrown right into animating a project. A very basic project, but nonetheless, it shows the reader the basics of key framing and other features of the program.

The best part of the book has to be the chapters devoted to modeling. Mastering Maya 7 goes into detail on all three geometry types; polygons, NURBS, and subdivision surfaces. The authors make sure you understand how to use each through several examples. In this case, they show how to use polygons to create the body of a character, subdivision surfaces for the head, and NURBS for the characters flying machine.

Beyond modeling, rigging and animating a character, another one of the books strong points is its focus on lighting and textures. When discussing textures, the book really focuses on mental ray nodes in the hypershade. This is cool, because many users don’t know this exists or how to use it correctly to create very believable textures. The authors don’t stop there, they also discuss UV texturing, and how to apply them to the character created in the previous chapters. This is great because after finishing the texture on the character, the reader definitely has a sense of accomplishment. The lighting chapters of the book focus on Global Illumination and Caustics. Kundert-Gibbs, et al. give the reader a look into how to properly light the subject and environment.

The final sections of Mastering Maya 7 is devoted to many of the advanced features of Maya 7 – specifically fluids, hair, and fur. These chapters touch on how to use the features and give the reader a good foundation for future experimentation.

For the beginning modeler, animator, texture artist, or renderer, Mastering Maya 7 is a perfect learning tool. It touches on subjects that many are wanting to learn in an easy to understand method. By the time you finish reading Mastering Maya 7, you’ll have a firm foundation of Maya 7 concepts.

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