The Creation -《We Are Paintermen》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名We Are Paintermen
歌手The Creation

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The Creation,1966年组建的英国迷幻摇滚乐队,主唱Kenny Pickett,主音吉他Eddie Phillips,后来曾为The Who伴奏,同时也是第一个在吉他上用小提琴弓来演奏的吉他手(page是受到他的启发的),节奏吉他Mick Thompson,鼓手Jack Jones,bass手Bob Garner,值得一提的是著名的非主流厂牌Creation Records(My Bloody Valentine、Oasis、Jesus & Mary Chain、Ride、Slowdive、Primal Scream、Teenage Fanclub、Super Furry Animals、The Boo Radleys)就是用他们的名字命名的

The first four mentioned had been in Mark Four, accompanied by John Dalton who had left to join The Kinks. Garner had previously been in the Tony Sheridan Band.

Their style was originally loud pop-art, similar to The Kinks and The Who, but developed into a more typically mid 1960s psychedelic/prog sound. The most popular Creation song was "Painter Man", which made the Top 40 in the UK Singles Chart in late 1966, and reached #8 in the German chart in April 1967. The song featured, in an intersection in the second half, lead guitarist Phillips's trademark of playing his instrument with a violin bow.

At the end of 1966, Garner left and was replaced by Kim Gardner; plus in March 1968 Pickett left and was replaced by Ron Wood (both of these new members had been in The Birds), but Pickett soon returned, replacing both Phillips and Gardner. Shortly afterwards, however, Creation disbanded; Pickett continued as songwriter for their American producer, Shel Talmy, and also became American road manager for Led Zeppelin; Ron Wood joined The Faces; Gardner co-formed Ashton, Gardner & Dyke and was later a member of Badger; Jones became a cabaret singer. Pickett and Phillips later wrote the hit single "Teacher Teacher" for Rockpile.

Creation re-formed in the mid 1980s (with a new hair metal image) with Phillips, Pickett, Dalton, and Mick Avory (drums, ex-Kinks). The reformed band continued to tour, with various line-up changes. They performed in the United States for the first time at the final edition of Cavestomp in November, 2001.



01. Cool Jerk
02. Making Time
03. Through My Eyes
04. Like A Rolling Stone
05. Can I Join Your Band
06. Tom Tom
07. Try And Stop Me
08. If I Stay Too Long
09. Biff, Bang, Pow
10. Nightmares
11. Hey Joe
12. Painter Man
13. How Does It Feel To Feel
14. Sylvette
15. I Am The Walker
16. Ostrich Man
17. Sweet Helen
18. Life Is Just Beginning (alternate take)
19. For All That I Am
20. Midway Down
21. Hurt Me If You Will
22. I'm Leaving
23. Work All Day (Sleep All Night
24. Going Down Fast






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