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中文名DAZ Bryce 6.1三维景观制作软件
英文名DAZ Bryce 6.1 Full

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[已通过安全检测]NOD32(病毒库:2107 20070311)
[已通过安装测试]WinXP SP2专业版


  Bryce 6.1能以更快的速度制作更为逼真的环境、植物、山脉、江河湖海等。无论你是专业设计师还是3D图形爱好者,Bryce 6.1都可以帮助你实现自己的梦想创造一个属于你自己的世界。Bryce 6.1可以更好地支持DAZ|Studio软件制作的动画,你可以方便地在Bryce 6.1场景中插入人物或是将导入后的角色动画和 Bryce 6.1 的场景相结合。Bryce 6.1可以让你制作的场景看上去更加真实。环境、人物、动物等元素之间相互融合衔接的天衣无缝。
Bryce 6.1支持最新版本的DAZ|Studio。 wink.gif 本次我上传的是完全版,共11个安装文件。附带丰富的材质、天空、山体等预设方案,并且提供了多个样例场景文件。


New in Bryce 6! ?Mac?Intel Compatibility
New in Bryce 6! - Image Based Lighting via HDRI
New in Bryce 6! - Animation Import via DAZ|Studio
New in Bryce 6! - Mesh Export of Booleans
New in Bryce 6! - Image-Based Brushes within the Terrain Editor
New in Bryce 6! - 16-Bit Greyscale Image Import within the Terrain Editor
New in Bryce 6! - Random Replicate Tool
New in Bryce 6! - Support for Dual-Processors and Hyperthreading
New in Bryce 6! - Compressed File format
New in Bryce 6! - Custom Image Textures on the Moon
New in Bryce 6! - Improved Preset Managers
New in Bryce 6! - Mouse-Over Tool Tips
Updated Documentation

Plus, all the following:
Dramatic Render Speed Increase: Render your favorite scenes over 30% faster on average than in version 5.0 with no image quality loss at all!
DAZ|Studio Character Plug-in - easily load and edit thousands of 3D figures, vehicles, wildlife and more.
Enhanced OpenGL Support - see, in real time, the texture maps applied to objects in your scene in eight different display styles.
Bryce Lightning 2.0 - With a new interface, this network render application speeds up processing time by utilizing advanced image compression for improved rendering over either a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN).
Terrain Editor - enjoy greater visible detail with increased resolution coupled with an improved default display style while editing terrains, fully scalable 2D and 3D image previews, and a timeline for controlling the progression of animations.
Tree Lab - place realistic trees in your scenes, specifying details such as tree type, branch density, leaf or needle density, coloration and more
Light Lab - enjoy robust control over lighting direction, intensity, and tinting from one or more sources to ensure a more accurate production of real-world environments
Texture Editor - easily import, create and edit preset textures then save them as new textures for future use
Rendering Options - achieve a new level of realism in your scenes with Soft Shadows, Blurred Reflections, Blurred Transmission (frosted glass), True Ambient Lighting and Depth of Field. Plus, take advantage of optimizations designed to speed up the creation of architectural scenes.
Metaballs Support - save valuable time with Metaballs technology that lets you create organic shapes without the need for high-polygon modeling
Intuitive User Interface - take advantage of handy palettes to create and edit objects, design scenes and render final images quickly -- a great way for new users to learn Bryce!
Presets - explore a limitless number of textures and landscapes with preset collections that include terrain, water, sky, rocks, clouds and fog.
Over 550 MB's of included content
Landscape Creation - quickly and easily produce remarkably realistic landscapes, impressive fantasy worlds and other dynamic scenes
Image-Editing Tools - import 2D images from a variety of formats, transform them into 3D objects, then incorporate them into your scenes
Animation and Web Capabilities - create Web animations, generate thumbnail images and preview them in storyboard format, and create virtual tours using QuickTime[TM] VR






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