Kingston Trio -《Very Best of Kingston Trio》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Very Best of Kingston Trio
歌手Kingston Trio

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The Kingston Trio,可以和Peter Paul and Mary齐名的民谣组合,60年代民谣复兴运动的重要领导人,1957年成立于加利福利亚,三位刚刚毕业的大学生Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds, 和Dave Guard,受到了The Weavers的很大影响,使他们组建了这支民谣组合,"Tom Dooley",‘Season in the Sun“脍炙人口的歌曲等都出自他们的录音

The Kingston Trio was formed in 1957 in the Palo Alto, California, area by Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds, and Dave Guard, who were just out of college. Greatly influenced by The Weavers, the calypso sounds of Harry Belafonte, and other semi-popular folk artists such as the Gateway Singers and the Tarriers, they were discovered playing at a college club called the Cracked Pot by Frank Werber, a local publicist then working at the Hungry i. He became their manager, and secured them a one-shot deal with Capitol Records.

Their first hit was a catchy rendition of an old-time folk song, "Tom Dooley", which went gold in 1958. It was so popular that it entered popular culture as a catchphrase: Ella Fitzgerald, for example, parodies it during her recorded version of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer". It won them the first Grammy award for Best Country & Western Performance in 1959. The next year, they won the first Grammy Award for Best Ethnic or Traditional Folk Recording category for the album The Kingston Trio at Large.

At one point in the early 1960s The Kingston Trio had four albums at the same time among the Top 10 selling albums, a record unmatched for nearly 40 years. In spite of this, they had a relatively small number of hit singles.

The group's music was simple and accessible, with much use of tight vocal harmony, signature riffs (often played on the banjo), and repetitive choruses. Capitol producer Voyle Gilmore[1] enhanced their vocal sound to great effect with reverb and the relatively new process of doubletracking, in which the performers sang along with their own pre-recorded part to produce a stronger sound than with a single voice, in part due to a natural time gap of a fraction of a second between the original recording and the overdubbed part. At first pairs of tape recorders were used, then later multitrack recording machines, to produce the effect.



01. Greenback Dollar
02. Tom Dooley
03. Where Have All the Flowers Gone
04. Hard, It Ain't Hard
05. M.T.A.
06. Early Mornin' Rain
07. Tijuana Jail
08. Hard Travellin'
09. Lion Sleeps Tonight
10. This Train
11. I'm Going Home
12. Scotch & Soda
13. Get Away John
14. Baby You've Been on My Mind
15. One Too Many Mornings
16. Tomorrow Is a Long Time
17. Goodnight Irene
18. Shapes of Things







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