Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies -《The American Metaphysical Circus》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名The American Metaphysical Circus

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Joseph "Joe" Byrd离开了著名的The United States Of America之后,组建了这支Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies,60年代末期录制了这张The American Metaphysical Circus,成为了迷幻历史上重要的一张标志性专辑,大量运用了合成器成为了它的特色,为迷幻音乐在技术上实践提供了更多的可能性。


* Pot - Piano, Conductor, Harpsichord
* Ed Sheftel - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
* Christie Thompson - Vocals
* Ernest "Ernie" Anderson - Voices
* Fred Selden - Clarinet, Saxophones, Flute
* Ted Greene - Guitar
* Joseph Hunter Byrd - Organ, Producer, Vocals, Keyboards, Conductor, Synthesizer
* Larry Kass - Tabla
* Michael Whitney - Guitar (Classical)
* Chuck Bennett - Bass Trombone
* Victoria Bond - Vocals
* Bob Breault - Engineer
* Ray Cappocchi - Tuba, Tenor Trombone
* Dana Chalberg - Flute, Piccolo
* John Clauder - Percussion, Drums
* Susan de Lange - Vocals, Electronic Voices
* Meyer Hirsch - Flute, Saxophones
* Don Kerian - Trumpet, Cornet
* Gregg Kovner - Drums, Percussion
* Tom Scott - Clarinet, Saxophones, Flute
* Harvey Newmark - Bass (uncredited on album)
* Harihar Rao - Percussion (uncredited on album)
* Paul Welborne - audio reproduction consultant
* Roger Phillip - assistant to Joseph Byrd

Joseph Byrd was born in Louisville KY. He is a descendant of the famous Byrd family of Virginia and he gew up in Tucson Arizona. During High School years, he played in country and western and pop music bands, but by the time he entered the University of Arizona he had begun playing vibes with a jazz group.
After graduation, Byrd received Stanford University抯 Sollnit Fellowship for graduate study in composition. But Byrd chose to split for New York, where he had already begun listening to electronic music and meeting young, far out Berkeley experimental composers.
During his years on the New York modern music scene, Byrd worked as conductor, arranger teacher Associate Producer for a record company, and assistant to critic-composer Virgil Thomson. He was also gaining recognition as one of the leading experimentalists, and his works were being performed from Paris to Tokyo.
Then Joe Byrd came out to UCLA and ended up living in one of the early Ocean Park beachfront communes with a group of Indian musicians, artists and graduate students. While serving as a teching assistant at UCLA, he studied acoustics, psychology and Indian music, but his interest inevitably returned to experimental and environmental music.
By the summer of 1967, Byrd had dropped out of UCLA to become once more a fulltime experimental composer and happening producer. Today, Joe is a recognized composer and arranger who plays electronic music, organ, electric harpsichord, and occanionally calliope.


01. Kalyani
02. You Can't Ever Come Down
03. Moonsong: Pelog
04. Patriot's Lullabye
05. Nightmare Train
06. Invisible Man
07. Mister 4th of July
08. Gospel Music
09. Sing-Along Song
10. Elephant at the Door
11. Leisure World
12. Sing-Along Song (Reprise)






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