Finger Eleven -《Them Vs You Vs Me》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Them Vs You Vs Me
歌手Finger Eleven

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来自美国伯林顿的朋克5人组“11指”乐队(Finger Eleven)出道不足10年,早在高中时,他们就赢得当地电台举办的一个摇滚乐队竞赛,并用奖金录制了自己的第1张专辑。乐队最初叫“花屁股猴子”(Rainbow Butt Monkeys),但是他们的唱片公司觉得这个名字对一些电台来说可能有些冒犯之嫌,因此决定改名。

Finger Eleven is an alternative rock band that has earned a devoted Canadian following. Their first album, Letters From Chutney, was recorded under the name Rainbow Butt Monkeys, with money won from a rock band search contest on local radio station 97.7 CHTZ (Hits) FM. Their name caused a lot of disputes within the band, and so they changed their name soon afterwards.

They became Finger Eleven for their breakthrough Tip, released on Mercury Records in Canada in 1997 and re-released by Wind-Up Records in the United States in 1998. The name Finger Eleven comes from an earlier version of the song Thin Spirits from the album Tip. Lead singer, Scott Anderson explains: “when everything is pushing you in one direction and your instinct drives you in another–that’s finger eleven.” This also marked a change in the band’s sound. They were originally a funk and heavy metal influenced band on Letters From Chutney, but later changed to a
post-grunge sound, and have since continued that.

Following the release of Tip, drummer Rob Gommerman left the band and was replaced by Rich Beddoe. In 2000 they released The Greyest of Blue Skies. Their latest release is 2003’s self-titled album Finger Eleven which was a commercial success, spawning the single “One Thing” which reached #16 in the US. The band also recorded the song ‘Slow Chemical’ for WWE superstar Kane (which also appeared on the soundtrack of The Punisher), and the song “Sad Exchange” for 2003’s Daredevil movie. An Elektra mix of the song “Thousand Mile Wish” was featured in the credits of the 2005 movie Elektra. The song “Stay In Shadow” made an appearance as one of the music tracks to the video game, Burnout 3, and “Good Times” in SSX 3. Three of their songs were also featured in the GameCube game 1080 Avalanche.

Their song “First Time” and “Drag You Down” were featured on Dragon Ball Z Movies Lord Slug and Revenge Of Cooler

The new album titled “Them Vs. You Vs. Me” will be released March 6, 2007. The first single is “Paralyzer” which can be sampled at their official website.瀏览更多


01. Paralyzer
02. Falling On
03. I'll Keep Your Memory Vague
04. Lost My Way
05. So-So Suicide
06. Window Song
07. Sense Of A Spark
08. Talking To The Walls
09. Change The World
10. Gather & Give
11. Easy Life







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