Bubble Puppy -《A Gathering of Promises》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名A Gathering of Promises
歌手Bubble Puppy

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Bubble Puppy是一支来自德克萨斯奥斯汀的迷幻摇滚乐队,1964年由Rod Prince和Roy Cox组建,后来两人又找来了曾经做过体操选手和萨克斯手的Todd Potter,再加上Danny Segovia就构成了Bubble Puppy最早的队伍,乐队早期曾经为The Who做暖场,后来签约了Houston-based International Artists,和13th Floor Elevators以及Red Krayola同一家公司,1968年的单曲"Hot Smoke & Sasafrass"在欧洲市场获得了很好的成绩。

Bubble Puppy was a Texan psychedelic rock band formed in 1964 in Austin, Texas by Rod Prince and Roy Cox. Looking to form a "top gun rock band" based on the concept of dual lead guitars, Prince and Cox recruited Todd Potter; a gymnast, sax player and guitarist. With the addition of Danny Segovia, the original line up of Bubble Puppy was complete. Bubble Puppy's live debut was opening for The Who in Austin.

After several lineup changes, the final roster for Bubble Puppy settled at Rod Prince and Todd Potter on lead guitars, Roy Cox on Bass and David "Fuzzy" Fore on drums. In 1967, Bubble Puppy signed a recording contract with Houston-based International Artists, home to the 13th Floor Elevators and the Red Krayola.

Bubble Puppy had a minor hit for International Artists in 1968 with "Hot Smoke & Sasafrass". Although the single was popular in Europe it languished in the United States, never climbing above 14 on the Billboard 100. Its lack of performance at home was the source of considerable friction between the band and International Artists, as was the label's refusal to sign a licensing deal for the single with the Beatles' Apple Records.

In 1969, Bubble Puppy released their only full-length LP A Gathering of Promises. After continuous conflict with International Artists over financial issues, the band eventually left the label. Signing up with Nick St. Nicholas of Steppenwolf as a manager, Bubble Puppy moved to Los Angeles, changed their name to Demian and signed to ABC-Dunhill. Demian released one self-titled album in 1971, but its failure to perform on the charts led to financial difficulties with the label and, in 1972, Bubble Puppy split up.

The members of Bubble Puppy continued to be active in the music industry after the band's demise. Potter and Prince played with Sirius through the late 1970's, and Fore drummed with the Texas punk rock band D-Day, co-writing their cult hit "Too Young to Date".

The name "Bubble Puppy" was taken from "Centrifugal Bumble-Puppy", a fictitious children's game in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Demian was named after Herman Hesse's 1919 novel, and "Hot Smoke & Sasafrass" was a line lifted from an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies.



01. Hot Smoke And Sasafrass
02. Todd's Tune
03. I've Got To Reach You
04. Lonely
05. Gathering Of Promises
06. Hurry Sundown
07. Elizabeth
08. It's Safe To Say
09. Road To St. Stephens
10. Beginning







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