Pink Fairies -《Neverneverland》[MP3!]

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歌手Pink Fairies

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Pink Fairies是一支来自英国70年代早期的地下迷幻时期的前卫/非主流摇滚乐队,他们推崇即兴的使用药物的现场演出,经常在各大音乐节以无政府主义的形象出现,乐队有来自加拿大的吉他手Paul Rudolph;贝司手Duncan (Sandy) Sanderson;两个鼓手Twink和Russell Hunter,在发行第一张专辑"Never, Never Land"之前就已经开始北美巡演,后来乐队成员曾多次更换,还包括了来自前UFO的Larry Wallis。

They have always been sustained by a hard core niche British/London fan base of "hippies, hells angels and other psychedelic rebel rockers" who prefer the live music "rowdy get togethers" to buying albums/CDs. One of the great, transcendent on-stage moments was captured for posterity when Paul Rudolph returned to the Pink Fairies line up for a July 13, 1975, show at the London Roundhouse that put together the group's original line-up and paired him with his successor, Larry Wallis.

The Pink Fairies evolved out of a drinking club formed by Steve Peregrin Took (formerly Marc Bolan's partner in T Rex, the Pretty Things, the Deviants, and Syd Barrett) in 1969. Took, along with Mick Farren (founder of the Social Deviants/Deviants) and Twink (previously of The Fairies, Tomorrow, and Pretty Things) named the group Pink Fairies, only to see Twink appropriate the name for his new project (Pink Fairies Mark 2) with three ex-Deviants members. Mick Farren's first solo album, Mona, features the original Pink Fairies Mark 1 line-up. But it was Rudolph, bassist Duncan Sanderson, and drummer Twink of the Deviants who reorganized the band that became the renowned, infamous Pink Fairies, and enlisted Russell Hunter. The band continued as a radical cultural group appealing to those whose values and norms of behavior ran counter to those of the social mainstream of the day, but less activist and more rock'n'roll "right on, fight on" teenage rebels without a cause other than self-indulgence.

After the successful "Mark 2" version of the band broke up in 1972, a new version (Mark 3) formed which, eventually adding ex-Shagrat guitarist Larry Wallis, who took over the band, writing and leading them on the Kings Of Oblivion LP, was successful for a while. Wallis was simultaneously in both the Pink Fairies and the original line-up of Motörhead with ex-Hawkwind bassist Lemmy, who was himself replaced by Paul Rudolph taking up the bass for Hawkwind.

Although never in an official line-up of the Pink Fairies (after Mark 1), Took continued to be associated with the Pink Fairies. He played support slots for the Pink Fairies and occasionally joined them as a third drummer, and once on bass guitar.

Members of the Pink Fairies and Deviants were largely interchangeable throughout the years. A more recent member of the Deviants, (Andy Colqhoun) appeared with Larry Wallis, Twink, Russell Hunter and Duncan (Sandy) Sanderson for the relatively recent Fairies reunion album, Kill 'Em & Eat 'Em.

The "Kings of Oblivion" line-up had been set to play at a "one-off" gig on 22nd January 2007, at the Roundhouse, Chalk Farm (the scene of many Fairies gigs and "farewell" performances in the 1970s and early 80s), but the gig was cancelled due to Wallis suffering from a trapped sciatic nerve.



01. Do It
02. Heavenly Man
03. Say You Love Me
04. War Girl
05. Never Never Land
06. Track One Side Two
07. Thor
08. Teenage Rebel
09. Uncle Harrys Last Freakout
10. The Dream Is Just Beginning







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