plastic tree -《奇妙な果実》(Strange fruit)专辑[MP3!]

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专辑英文名Strange fruit
别名Kimyou na Kajitsu
歌手plastic tree

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专辑歌手:plastic tree
发行日期:1995-12-11(re-released 1996-06-25)
专辑信息:mini-album(very first album!)
专辑类型:VR J-rock


這是一張官網都找不到的pl超級第一張迷你專輯 其實在1996-06-25他們又重新發行了一次 專輯出處:"乐队刚成立的时候并没有固定的鼓手,到94年SHIN加入成为Plastic Tree第一代鼓手,94年12月31日他们推出了首张demo tape<acid vision neurosis>,95年月8与club citta签约,成为旗下歌手。同年12月11日推出首张CD<strange fruits>"原文見下

雖然介紹多遍 但還是貼貼~
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· Vocal : Arimura Ryutaro
· Guitar : Nakayama Akira
· Bass : Hasegawa Tadashi
· Drums : Sasabuchi Hiroshi
· Drums : Shin [gone : 1994]
· Drums : Takashi [gone : 2001]

Although Plastic Tree has been around for more then ten years, one could say they’re an underrated band.

In their early years they sounded very much like a new-wave band, but through the years their sound has changed. Now their music can be described as guitar rock, characterized by the vocalist’s amazing voice.

Plastic Tree started in December 1993, and after switching drummers a few times, the line up finally settled on Ryutaro on vocals, known for his sweet voice and gloomy lyrics, which can often be quite worrying.
Tadashi on bass, who took the position as leader of the band, and was responsible for most of the music. Akira on guitar, who also wrote a good deal of their music, and Takashi on drums.

After several singles that were handed out for free at their concerts at livehouses, they released their first mini-album, “-Strange fruit- kimyou na kajitsu” in 1995. It had a dark sound, and the influence from bands like The Cure and Radiohead was very obvious.

In 1997 they went major, and in the same year they released their second album, “Hide and seek”. This album, along with their third album, “Puppet Show” (released in 1998), is considered as the best Plastic Tree albums amongst fans.

In September 2000 their fourth album “Parade” was released. Although this is a great album, some of the older fans can’t appreciate anything from the 'era' after this album. “Parade” had the same dark sound as the former albums, although it became a little easier to get into, as it was a little more poppy.

In 2001 they released a Best of and a Singles compilation album, called “Cut” and “Single Collection”. Although some of the songs were given a different mix, or they were a different version, there were no new songs on these albums.

Around that time, they changed drummers yet again. Early 2001 Takashi left the band, and later that year Sasabuchi Hiroshi (Buchi for short) joined. It seemed like a new start for Plastic Tree. This wasn’t just because of the change of drummers, but also because their music started changing more and more, turning more into pop and they almost completely lost the gloomy sound they used to have.

”Träumerei” was released late 2002 and a few months later another compilation album, “Premium Best” was released.

While they were losing fans that didn’t agree with their new, more pop sound, they did start to interest other people that had never really liked this darker sound. In 2003 they released two cover songs, “Baka ni natta no ni” and “Moshimo piano ga hiketa nara”. These songs were so incredibly different from the ‘Normal’ Plastic Tree sound that the older fans were disappointed.
Their fifth album “Shirochronicle” was released in October of that year

In 2004 they released a few singles, each of them related to one of the seasons. "Yuki Hotaru" was the winter release, "Harusaki sentimental" was the spring release, and "Melancholic" was the summer release. However, an autumn single was never released.

After a period that was considered as the ‘commercial period’ to some people, Plastic Tree went back to their roots with their sixth album "Cell" released in August. This came as a really pleasant surprise.
A new sound engineer was hired, giving the band a new sound, but now it seemed that Plastic Tree were making music again because they liked to, not because they wanted to make money.

A while after the release of "Cell" in end 2004/early 2005, the band announced that they left their record company SWEETHEART, and moved over to the record company J-ROCK. Some other changes were made; the official website moved, and their fanclub changed from "Sickroom" to "Jellyfish breed".

It seems this was a really positive change, and the fans are wondering what the band will bring them in the future. Hopefully we get some more pleasant surprises!

原文:Plastic Tree由Ryutaro(vo)、Tadashi(Bass)、Akira(G)、Takashi(Ds)4人组成。Plastic Tree于93年12月组成,Tadashi是队长,大部分的歌曲都是由他创作出来的,Ryutaro负责填词,也参与歌曲创作,他们的音乐接近英式音乐。乐队刚成立的时候并没有固定的鼓手,到94年SHIN加入成为Plastic Tree第一代鼓手,94年12月31日他们推出了首张demo tape<acid vision neurosis>,95年月8与club citta签约,成为旗下歌手。同年12月11日推出首张CD<strange fruits>。96年5月19日SHIN宣布退出。后来Ryutaro结识了Takashi ,当时Takashi刚好要退出现在的BAND,不知如何是好,准备要放弃回乡之际Ryutaro刚好打来电话,邀请他一起合音一次,合作后大家都非常满意,在6月7日的LIVE中Takashi正式加入,Takashi成为了第二代鼓手。 97年6月25日Plastic Tree正式与warner唱片公司签约,并推出首张majro single<Wareta Mado>。


1. Psycho Garden
2. Twice
3. クリーム (Cream)
4. Rusty
5. 银ノ针 (Gin no Hari)
6. 変化 (Henge) + Bonus Track







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