Julian Cope & the Teardrop Explodes -《Floored Genius》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Floored Genius
别名The Best of Julian Cope and the Teardrop Explodes 1979-1991

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相近乐队:Echo & the Bunnymen/the Soft Boys

在Echo & The Bunnymen成立之前,歌手Ian McCulloch曾跟Julion Cope和Pete Wylie组成过The Crucial Three这支典故队伍,然后Julian和Pete相继组成了The Teardrop Explodes及Wah!。

The Teardrop Explodes是70年代末英国后朋克运动中出现的新迷幻乐队,受到60年代迷幻乐的影响.不论他们的音乐是师从于像Beatles和早期Pink Floyd那样的迷幻流行乐,把迷幻药剂作为一种音乐灵感唤起的源泉,以此创造出不同寻常的声音。

The Teardrop Explodes were an English Post Punk/Neo-Psychedelic band formed in Liverpool in 1978. Their name was taken from a panel in the Marvel comic book, Daredevil No 77. Panel

The band was formed by Julian Cope who had previously been in the short-lived yet locally-renowned band Crucial Three along with Pete Wylie who went on to form Wah! and Ian McCulloch later of Echo and the Bunnymen.

The band's initial line-up consisted of Julian Cope singer/bassist, Mick Finkler on guitar, Gary Dwyer on drums and Paul Simpson on keyboards. They were managed by Bill Drummond and signed to his Zoo label.

The band released their first single, the jagged, garage post-punk "Sleeping Gas" in February of 1979. Soon after, Simpson left the band and was replaced by Zoo label co-owner, David Balfe. As they toured Liverpool, the band steadily gained popularity. In fact, their next single "Bouncing Babies" inspired a tribute song of its own: "I Can't Get Bouncing Babies by the Teardrop Explodes" by The Freshies - an ode to the difficulty of obtaining a copy of the song.

Finkler was fired by Cope during the recording of their debut album Kilimanjaro and was replaced by Dalek I Love You guitarist Alan Gill. With Gill, came an expansion of the group's sound. Most of Finkler's guitar parts were re-recorded by Gill, who added psychedelic, angular riffs, that, along with Cope's disco bass, Dwyer's skittering drum beats and the driving horn section, define Kilimanjaro. The LP was a moderate success; it reached number 24 on the British pop charts.

In 1981, the group was at the height of its popularity. In January, they hit # 6 on the British charts with the stomping, horn-driven "Reward" single and in April they broke the top 20 with the poppy "Treason" (#18 UK). During this period, there were numerous line up changes: Alfie Agius was brought in on bass, Jeff Hammer replaced Balfe on keyboards and Troy Tate replaced Gill on guitar.

Expectations were high for the band's second album, Wilder, recorded in Autumn 1981 with a nucleus of Cope, Dwyer, Tate and the returning Balfe. Unlike the first album, which was more of a band effort, Wilder is much more the work of Cope, who took sole songwriting credit on every track on the album. The first single, the shimmering keyboard/crunch of "Passionate Friend" performed reasonably well (#25 UK), but the album itself was unsuccessful, limping to 29 on the charts, disappearing shortly afterwards. Wilder's lack of success can be attributed to the album's ethereal and introspective sound, which was in direct contrast to the immediacy of Kilimanjaro. Although unpopular at the time, many Teardrop fans consider this to be their best album.



01. Reward
02. Treason
03. Sleeping Gas
04. Bouncing Babies
05. Passionate Friend
06. The Great Dominions
07. The Greatness & Perfection Of Love
08. An Elegant Chaos
09. Sunspots
10. Reynard The Fox
11. World Shut Your Mouth
12. Trampolene
13. Spacehopper
14. Charlotte Anne
15. China Doll
16. Out Of My Mind On Dope & Speed
17. Jellypop Perky Jean
18. Beautiful Love
19. East Easy Rider
20. Safesurfer






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