The Rolling Stones -《Still Life》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Still Life

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滚石乐队(The Rolling Stones)是摇滚史上最成功和最长寿的乐队之一。The Rolling Stones乐队至今已有40多年的历史,堪称rock 'n' roll的定义者之一。由于乐队核心米克·贾格尔(Mick Jagger)和凯西·理查兹(Keith Richards)深受Chuck Berry,Howlin' Wolf和Muddy Waters等布鲁斯艺人的影响,The Rolling Stones几十年来一直坚持走着传统布鲁斯摇滚路线。

The Rolling Stones由Mick Jagger和Keith Richards组建。这对黄金组合最早相识还是在Kent郡的Dartford上小学时,1960年,两人通过一位共同的朋友Dick Taylor再次相见。Dick Taylor不仅是Keith Richards在Sidcup艺术学校的同学,同时又是正在伦敦经济学学校上学的Mick Jagger在“Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys”乐队的队友。不久之后,Keith Richards就在老友的邀请之下加入了Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys。1961年7月,Jagger与Richards在当地一家酒吧中首次合作演出。在随后的一年中,Jagger与Richards结识了多才多艺的坏小子布莱恩·琼斯(Brian Jones)。Jones通晓吉他,萨克斯,黑管等多种乐器,很快便与Jagger和Richards成为了好友。不久,Brian Jones就决定带着个人发展期间招募的键盘手伊安·史都华(Ian Stewart)一同加入到了Jagger和Richards的阵营当中。1962年4月,Jagger,Richards和Jones宣布将乐队名正式改为“The Rolling Stones”,名字来源于布鲁斯吉他大师Muddy Waters的歌曲《Rollin' Stone》。


Still Life (American Concert 1981) was originally released June 1, 1982, it went to #1 in both the UK & US. The album includes the single hits Going To A Go Go (backed by Beast Of Burden) and Time Is On My Side (live version)(backed by Twenty Flight Rock). Both Going To A God Go and Twenty Flight Rock had not been recorded previously and were not issued on any other albums. Most people know the music, so in my reviews I try to give you data on the sessions and interesting facts connected with the songs and the album. Here we go:
The album was recorded at during the 81 American tour in NJ (11-5), Chicago (11-25), Largo, MD (12-7/8), Tempe (12-13), and Hampton Roads (12-18/19).

Interesting notes include:
.....the Dec 13 Tempe, Arizona concert at Sun Devil Stadium was filmed and became the movie Let's Spend The Night Together (still available here on Amazon.com)
.....Before the Rosemont Horizon shows in Chicago the Stones showed up at the Checkerboard Lounge to jam with Muddy Waters in his last recorded performance before he died in 1983 (videotapes of the show are still popular in the bootleg market)
.....The Stones rehearsed for the tour during August and September at Longview Farm in Brookfield, MA. It was the 1st major corporate sponsored tour, entertaining >2 million paying fans and grossing $60 million.
.....Mick was not getting along with Keith and Woody at this time....they called him "Brenda" and things got so bad that the tour contract required Mick to stay off the stage when Keith did Little T&A.
.....Keith hated the cherry picker that Mick used during the concerts, but when Mick offered to dump it if Keith would give up drugs for the duration of the tour, the cherry picker stayed
.....On Sep 14 the band did a gig as "Blue Monday and the Cockroaches" at the 350 seat Sir Morgan's Cove in Worcester, MA.....5,000 fans had to be held back to avoid a riot...the club finally opened the doors while the Stones did a short set that could be heard outside

This information comes from "It's Only Rock And Roll: The Ultimate Guide To The Rolling Stones" by Karnbach and Bernson, from Stephen Davis' "Old Gods Almost Dead," and from my own collection.


01. Intro Take The 'a' Train
02. Under My Thumb
03. Let's Spend The Night Together
04. Shattered
05. Twenty Flight Rock
06. Going To A Go-go
07. Let Me Go
08. Time Is On My Side
09. Just My Imagination (running Away With Me)
10. Start Me Up
11. (i Can't Get No) Satisfaction
12. Outro Star Spangled Banner







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