Prostitute Disfigurement -《Left in Grisly Fashion》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Left in Grisly Fashion

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PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT,我完整的听了一遍他们的新专辑《Left In Grisly Fashion》,看不到曾经认为的“不成熟”,对于他们也没有过更高的期望,当然是第一张专辑之前。低的期望或许是PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT完成的 "Left In Grisly Fashion给我带来惊喜的保证。

PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT, what else than Death Metal could it be? I've heard bits and pieces of their music previously but it wasn't before their newest CD, "Left In Grisly Fashion", dumped into my mailbox that I got to give them a thorough listen. I have to admit that what I've heard of them before this encounter didn't win me over so my expectations really weren't high. Having low expectations can be a good thing sometimes, it at least ensures you some nice surprises and that is what PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT gave me with "Left In Grisly Fashion".

The kind of music PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT play is likely only to be liked by those who hold Death Metal as their favourite genre. Brutality is the name of the game, no melodic or progressive parts are found on "Left In Grisly Fashion", just pure fury. The playing skills are top notch and that counts for the production as well, this music holds some serious power. If I have to complain on something it has to be vocals. If you can interpret one single word of what the main vocalist Niels is "singing", you probably understand what pigs are saying as well. Only on rare occasions it's possible to hear some words and that is when the guest vocalists are using the microphone. While I'm at it I have to give Niels some praise for being the best vocalist of this kind that I've heard. With that I mean vocalist that are using their vocals as an instrument only, this is the first time I've liked a band of that kind and believe me I've heard some.

I don't have any favourite songs on "Left In Grisly Fashion", every one of them is good except for the rather unnecessary "In Death's Decay". "In Death's Decay" contains no guitars or drums, only some sounds that are supposed to be eerie with a man mumbling something about sluts, ending with, supposedly, a slut getting the beating of her life. "Left In Grisly Fashion" only has a playing time that's under half an hour and therefore I mean that this kind of song is rather unnecessary, I'd rather prefer another song of their sick Death Metal. I'll end this review by recommending "Left In Grisly Fashion" to those who are allergic to melodies and other things that mellows down the Death Metal of today. (Online October 17, 2005)


01. Body To Ravage
02. Freaking On The Mutilated
03. Left In Grisly Fashion
04. The Corpse Garden
05. Bluedrum Torso
06. Victims Of The Absurd
07. Shutgun Horror
08. Disemboweled
09. In Death's Decay
10. Bloodlust Redemption






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